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Friday, May 10, 2013

"By With a Little Help from My Friends."

Title: The Beatles - "With a Little Help from My Friends"

Thank you all for all the support for prayers lately.  Since coming back to blogging, it's been a bit heavy around here.  & that's been a big part of my life, but there are also good and amazing things going on in my life.

Since I posted about wedding things, I created a little DIY project and asked my favorite ladies to stand beside me on our big day.  I thought about just asking them but I wanted to do something different and fun. 

Enter Pinterest with all the fun ideas.  So I adapted what I saw and made something of my own!

Enter the boxes.  
I had 6 lovely ladies to ask, plus a flower girl.  
Every girl had their own box with their initial on the tag.
 On the second tag, I put this little quote I found online:

On the day that I am to be a bride,
it would mean the world to me
to have you by my side.

All the girls found the same picture on the inside but each had their name and the "Will you be my bridesmaid/maid of honor/flower girl?"
& of course, a ring pop.  Because they deserved to have the question popped too!

As for how I made them, I bought the white boxes at a craft store and filled them with easter grass.  I bought the initial sticks and ribbon at the craft store as well.  I created the wording/tags/picture using Picmonkey & printed everything with my computer.

I am happy to say, after a lot of screaming and hugging and some tears, every girl agreed!

 I may be bias but my girls are BEAUTIFUL
And of course, my littlest love.
When she opened the box she yelled "YES!"
Even though she'll be 10, she wants nothing else than to still be a flower girl.
What this princess wants, she gets.

It was fun to see all their faces and I couldn't be more excited to have these loves in my life!

Have you asked your ladies/have you been asked any special ways?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"I just want to know today, know today, know today know that maybe I will be ok"

Title:  Ingrid Michaelson - "Be Ok"

Me? I'm a planner.  Not that I mind change so much.  With going to so many new and different schools in my life, I learned that change is essential.  And sometimes I can feel it in my soul if things get stagnant.  That I need change.  Something new.  Something to keep life exciting.

Things I don't handle well? Knowing change is coming but yet I don't know in what way.  I need to plan.  I'm a worrier.  If I don't know what to worry about, I can't start planning.  And if I can't start planning, my worrying can get out of control.  

That all being said, I'm dealing with big changes coming my way at the moment.  

Marrying my love in about 5 months.
Dealing with whatever is going on with my health.
Working on living a healthier lifestyle.
Moving over 600 miles from the only home I've ever know.

Talk about major changes right?
Talk about worrying.
And planning.
And worrying some more.
And more worrying.

You see, Vito missed math and decided he wanted to go back and pursue his education.  I support him whole heartedly. So the process began of taking the GREs, which he kicked ass, taking the subject test, which he did okay at, and applying to 18 different colleges.  

So began the waiting game.  Our lives were about to go through some major changes but we didn't know where or what that would mean.  Seeing as I stated before about needing to plan, you can already piece together how well that went.  Out of the 18 colleges, Vito was accepted to 6 of them but only 3 of them offered financial aid.  Those 3 were listed at my least favorite colleges on the list solely because they were so far away from home.  

I've lived here for 22 years.  My family and friends and work and church are all here.  The thought of moving far gives me anxiety.  So began listing the pros and cons.  There were lots of tears.  Lots of anger.  Even more prayers.  Eventually we came to a decision.  We will be heading down to Clemson SC this fall.

I won't pretend this is easy.  Or even a happy time for me yet.  I know in my heart this is what we need to do.  I support Vito with everything I have and I know this is what he needs.  But I am going to miss everyone and everything else in my life I will be leaving behind temporarily.  It's a 5 year program which feels like eternity on this side of things.  But I know once we are finished down there, it will feel like no time at all.

If y'all have some extra prayers, please send them our way.  I know there are good things coming our way, everything is just very overwhelming right now. 8)