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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Oh Darling, Don't You Ever Grow Up, Just Stay This Little."

Title: Taylor Swift - "Never Grow Up"

Anyone who knows me/has ever really talked to me/has read my blog for awhile will know one very important fact about me.
My favorite thing in the entire world is being an aunt.  
I literally cannot think of anything on this earth I love more.
I take the title of "Aunt" very seriously and I truly believe the close relationship I have continued to share with my niece is proof.

As an aunt, I try to go out of my way to spend extra time with her.  You never know how long you have until hanging out with your aunt isn't cool anymore and isn't worth bragging about in school to all your friends.  I'd like to think this time will never come.  Then again, she once told me I could call her Pookie Princess for the rest of her life.  Even proudly announced to her Nana "MY Essa calls me her Pookie Princess and I love her!"
My heart swells.
Now? I am hushed if I threaten to call her it in public.

It has been awhile since we did something one-on-one so last week, I decided we needed some time out and about.  So last Wednesday I picked her up and we had a dinner and froyo date. Dinner at McD's for her choice because she wanted chicken nuggets and froyo as my choice because she had yet to experience it.  Needless to say, she thought it was the coolest thing ever.

While talking over dinner and froyo, because 9 year olds have a lot to say, we started discussing the future for her.
I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.
She proceeded to tell me, very seriously, about the three things she has narrowed it down to.

1. A Babysitter.
"Because I just really love kids and babies. But I don't want my own.  I just want to watch them and play with them."
She's clearly my niece, what can I say?

2. Work with Animals.
"I love animals so much.  I'd really love to help them.  But not operate on them so I couldn't be an animal doctor. So maybe I could just help train them or something?"

3. A Hairdresser.
"I love playing with hair.  And I have a fun time doing a girl's hair at the baby-sitter's."

I just love the thought process for contemplating her future.
My thoughts?
That girl can be anything she wants, as long as she is happy.

I feel like it was just yesterday that she was born.
Yet today she is conquering the 4th grade.

And tomorrow?
She'll be conquering the world; one puppy, baby, or hair cut at a time.
And I couldn't be more proud.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Word-Filled Wednesday {41}

This word-filled Wednesday is super exciting since I had thought today was Tuesday.
Weeks that start out like that always go by quicker!

I chose this one because of the excellent news that season 7 of Doctor Who will begin to air September 1st, as in 10 days from today.

-Insert excited-fan-girly screams here-

So here is one of my most favorite quotes from the show from arguably my favorite episode of the series.

Happy Wednesday Loves!

Monday, August 20, 2012

{Wedding Talk} Choosing a Venue: What We Do Not Want

Wedding planning.
There are so many decisions to be made when planning a wedding.
My to do list on The Knot gives me anxiety with all the things I need to do before the big day.
But where does one start?
Well after the budget of course, I think choosing a venue is next in line.

With so many around, how do you narrow them down?
I started with figuring out what I did not want in a venue.

I did not want a bingo sign at the reception.
This eliminates all the fire halls in the area.
Don't get me wrong, I've been to a few and they have been beautiful.
And the price?
But it just isn't for me.

As absolutely beautiful and breathtaking as church weddings are, I have never envisioned myself getting married in a church.
This is one thing Vito & I went back and forth on for awhile.
He was leaning towards a church wedding.
I always envisioned getting married outside.
Plus you add in all the extra things you need to worry about with having a ceremony and reception at separate places like transportation and all that jazz.
After talking about it, we decided to look for a venue where we could host both our ceremony and reception.

We needed a venue that was beautiful and we loves but would not cost us an arm and a leg.
This is where the budget talk before the venue search was important.
Vito & I are paying for the wedding ourselves, without help from our parents.
He is not on good terms with his parents at the moment and my mom can't afford to chip in.
This leaves the entire cost of the wedding on our shoulders.
And those of you who have helped with a wedding/planned your own wedding/ researched anything to do with weddings will know that nothing in the world of weddings is cheap. 

So with those basic ideas, the search began!
But more on that later. ;)

Was this your first step in looking for a wedding venue?
What did you/do you not want in a venue?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Star: Hi, I'm Vanessa!

On this wonderful Tuesday, I decided to link up with Mrs. Monologues for Blog Star!

Mrs. Monologues

If y'all are new around here, my name is Vanessa!

This lil' old blog turned 3 last month.
Some random things about me?
I love to drink water, wine, and coffee.
I am currently in the wonderful world of wedding planning, working toward a wedding for next Fall.
I like alliterations. (see above sentence).
My fiance calls me a music addict, because I'm always listening to music.
Food and I? I just love it.
TV shows? I just love that too.
My favorite thing ever is being an aunt.
My cat is my furbaby.
And pink is my signature color.

And that is the short and condensed version of me!
Thanks for stopping by and introduce yourselves!