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Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Oh Being Normal Is Vastly Overrated!"

Title: Quote from Halloweentown

So I've already shared my love and adoration for all things Halloween.  To keep up with the mood, I decided to share some of my favorite Halloween movies with you!

1.) The Nightmare Before Christmas

Incase you forgot from the last post, I love this movie.  I can watch it over and over again.  Not only is it a good Halloween movie, it works for Christmas too! Oh how I love Zero.

2.) Hocus Pocus

I've watched this movie so many times.  It use to creep me out, seriously. Scary witches on the attack? Totally caused some nightmares. But the cute boy in it made up for them!

3.) It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

No list is complete without Charlie Brown.  It's a classic, end of story.

4.) Halloweentown

I don't know about you, but the original was the best. I always wanted to go here and wished my grandmother was a witch. How cool right?

Yeah, they are basically all kids movies, but I still loved them!

What are your favorite Halloween movies to watch? Am I missing any good ones?

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Clouds Come Floating Into My Life, No Longer To Carry Rain Or Usher Storm, But To Add Color To My Sunset Sky. "

Title: Quote by Rabindarnath Tagore

I walked outside to put a can in the recycling bin and saw this from my porch.

Nothing is more beautiful and reminds me that God blesses us daily then looking at a breath-taking sunset. <3>

"This Is Halloween, Everybody Make A Scene"

Title: Tim Burton - "This Is Halloween"

Halloween has to be my second favorite holiday ever. Hands down I LOVE Halloween.

Back story: I never celebrated Halloween until I hit middle school.  I never went trick-or-treating until I was 12.  My sperm donor (the name for my "father" I refuse to call him that because so many people have good things attached to that word and there is nothing good about this man) was strictly religious with us growing up.  I'm talking I couldn't watch most disney movies because they contained magic and magic was for the devil... my sister and I could not wear black because black was the color of the devil... Halloween focused on witches and satanic worship so we were not allowed to celebrate. Nuts right? Pretty much...

Once I was allowed to celebrate Halloween, I realized how amazing it is. I mean really, what other time a year do you have an excuse to dress up and eat as much candy as you can? Not that excuses are needed.. 8)

One of my favorite movies:

Nightmare before Christmas. LOVE it.

Now here lies my problem and I need your help!  I have a costume party to attend on Saturday. Do I have a costume?! Nope... I'm falling behind.  Neither does Vito.  We suck.  Now it would be nice to just go to the Halloween store and pick something up but that isn't going to be cool enough.

This group of friends goes all out. I mean thinking about costumes waaaaay ahead of time and getting good ones! One of them is going to be Flo from Progressive... Another guy is going to be Sweeny Todd. Really, these people are amazing.  Showing up as a ghost or little bo peep just isn't going to cut it. I need something good... amazing... knock your socks off awesome.

Any ideas?! Are you ladies dressing up?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because I am a Psych nerd . . .

"I'll Eat You Up, I Love You So"

Over the weekend, in between lots of sleep and lots of more sleep, a group of us went and saw this movie. We group up with this book and we were super excited to go see it.

The verdict?

I was pretty disappointed. Now first of all, the images were amazing. They brought the characters right out of the book and it look awesome. I really just wanted to hug Carol, I'm not going to lie.

Now that being said, the movie let me down. I remember the book being fun and excited and the animals dancing and having fun. Now they had fun, but most of the movie was depressing. We cried. Kids movies aren't suppose to make you cry! Not that I think this movie was made for kids (nor do I think kids should go see it!), the movie was made for the adults who read the book as a child. The movie was centered are metaphors. All the animals were representative of either Max or someone in Max's life.

Now Max, he has some issues. Serious issues. All I kept thinking was "Wow, I don't remember him have mental disorders in the book." This kid bit his mom, called her woman while standing on the counter, tackled his dog and made it look like he was trying to kill the dog. It was creepy.

The ending was sad and abrupt. I really don't want to go into much of this for those of you who want to see it. I would recommend waiting until DVD because it wasn't worth the money for the theater. Overall, the movie was okay,. There was cute parts and funny parts. I guess I was just looking for it to be more fun, like the book was for me, and not so deep like they made it out to be.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"There Is No One Like You, In A World Of Black & White, You Are The Only One In Color"

Title: Trapt - "Only One In Color"

As you can tell from my earlier post, my mood isn't exactly happy. I feel like crap and I want to go to bed. End of story. Not really. So I sent my last post to Vito to read (big step right? Don't know what I'm talking about, please refer here). Then I sent him a text message.

*TMI APPROACHING, you've been warned*

I let him know about the email and also that my nip hurts and asked if that was normal. His response?

"I love you muy mucho I hope that helps and I'm sorry about your nip I'm guessing it probably happens.


I'm dying of laughter, it seriously made my day.
I love this man.

"I Wish I Had A Reason, My Flaws Are Open Season"

Title: Stone Sour - "Bother"

This space right here is reserved for all the excuses I could drone over for why I've been MIA from writing posts. In short? I could pick between no inspiration, being in a crappy mood and nothing happy to write about, to being lazy, to being too busy, to being sick. All said things have kept me away from my blog. I'm a bad blogger. End of story.


I procrastinate, on everything and anything I possibly can.

I'm stubborn to the point of no return.

Self-esteem is something I lack on a daily basis.

I don't always think before I open my loud mouth.

I take things personally when they come from someone who matters, too personally.

I wish to fix everything, even when it is impossible and feel like a failure when I can't fix others or their problems.

I hate every form of cleaning.

I don't forgive easily, and when I do I struggle constantly to forget.

I'd rather stew over my anger and keep everything on the inside then talk about it.

I have irrational fears that keep me from doing things I wish I could.

I don't call people which results in talking to friends less then I want to.

I can be selfish.

These are some of my flaws.
Do I have plenty more?
I'm sure.
Am I proud of this list?
Not in the slightest.
But it is part of who I am.

I hate when people do not recognize that they have flaws. We are human, it is inevitable for us to have flaws. I did not create this list because I am proud, but to remind myself that I have plenty of things I need to work on.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Because Sometimes, Quotes Are Good For The Soul!

The greatest mistake 
you can make in life
is to continually fear
you will make one.
-Elbert Hubbard

Turn your face to the sun,
and the shadows fall behind you.
-Maori Proverb

Fear less, hope more.
Eat less, chew more.
Whine less, breathe more.
Talk less, say more.
Love more 
& all good things
will be yours.
-Swedish Proverb

Remember the moments of the past.
Look forward to the promise of the future.
But most of all, celebrate the present,
for it is precious.

When you get into a tight place
and everything goes against you,
till it seems as though you could not
hang on a minute longer,
never give up then, for that is just
the place and the time
that the tide will turn.
-Harriet Beecher Stowe

Most of us struggle with our
endless search for "the good life."
Our quest for what we think will
make us happy keeps us in
"the grass is always greener" syndrome.
Actually, the grass may be fine
right where we stand today.
And if we nurture it,
we can even grow a garden!

"Could It Be That Everything Goes 'Round By Chance? Or Only One Way That It Was Always Meant To Be?"

Title:  Jimmy Eat World - "Kill"

Since the rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful, I'll recap my Saturday, which was plenty eventful. Oh goody.

Friday night my niece, MRD, was suppose to come over for a sleepover.  Both of us were super excited.  Unfortunately, the school called half way through the day, she was sick. Boo.  My mom watched her until my BIL came to pick her up.  No sleepover. 8(  Saturday Vito went and picked her up so we could watch her while BIL worked.  She still wasn't feeling the greatest.  We did sit around and take stupid pics, I'll have to upload them at some points. 8)

I then went to a faux bridal shower, which is a bridal shower that isn't all bridal shower-ish.  No presents or anything.  It was fun.  We went to my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot.  You haven't been there? Sigh, save up some money because it is expensive, but go asap.  It is the best food ever.  The faux shower was for my sister's future SIL, who is getting married in 2 weeks and I'm excited for the wedding.  I love weddings.

After dinner, I drove like speed racer very cautiously and following the speed limit to make it to Vito's best friend M's (I talked about him here he was the one with hello kitty rings in his nose.) surprise party.  I was only 2 minutes late! Woot woot!  He was completely surprised and it was a ton of fun.  There was probably 15 of us there, and I get along perfectly with about 13 so it worked great. haha. Greatest thing was, M is turning 21 this Thursday (turn 21st celebration to follow on Friday) but his parents threw the party this weekend and kept it dry.  People were bummed, I didn't care.  After talks of candy land, musical chairs, and duck-duck-goose, we decided we must play a game.  Someone bought Catch Phrase.  

This game, to say the least, was INTENSE.  It's like Charades meets Taboo meets hot potato.  Seriously, we had a blast, yelling and fighting.  My team lost, every time we played. Boo.  The other team purposely would stall and we would have no time to got someone to guess.  Oh well, we were better at guessing the words.  Nothing like playing games for a 21st birthday party, I loved it.  We ended the party with 9 of us in a group hug.  I love my friends.

After 1, we dispersed and drove home.  Vito and I had separate cars since I came from The Melting Pot.  We always argue which is the fastest way to get home so we split up to prove each other wrong. I was going down the road, realized I was really a bit over the speed limit and slowed down.  I saw Vito turn into my house, he beat me by 10 secs max because I had to stop at a red light. Boo.  I pull in the driveway, turn to get my purse and look up.  Know what I see behind me?

UGH! Awesome... He comes up to my window and I know he must have caught me speeding.  He asked for my license, registration, and proof of insurance.  I know the routine, this hasn't been the first time I've been stopped by the cops.  Of course, I don't have my new insurance card on me that just started up last month. Ugh.  He asked me where I was coming from and I truthfully told him a party.  He then proceeded to ask me how much I had to drink. Nothing.  He looks at my license and walks away.  He comes back to tell me that my headlight was out and THAT was why he pulled me over.  He then gets an attitude and told me he could give me a ticket for not having the correct insurance card on me (which I later find out is a lie) and then proceeds to ask me AGAIN am I SURE I didn't drink tonight.  At this point, I'm tired, I look like crap, my voice is horse from screaming during Catch Phrase, and I just want to go to sleep.  I assure him I have nothing, AGAIN.  He then left.  Can we say jerk?  Everyone I tell seems to think I should have told him to give me the breathalyzer or take him down to the station for telling me I could get a ticket, when I can't.  Honestly, I just wanted to get to bed, and that is what I did.  

Eventful? I think so. 8)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life Is Normal Today

So yesterday was just like any other day, reading blogs and all and then I came across Amanda's post and it changed my day.  She introduced me to the best. site. ever.  It made my day.  Here is just a sampling of what is to be found on the site, MyLifeIsAverage:

Today, in biology we were talking about chromosomes and genes. One girl asked my teacher, "What's that thing called where you look nothing like one of your parents?". My teacher replied, "An affair." LOVE. HER. MLIA

Today, I looked up at the digital clock and the time was the same as my birth date. I felt that the clock and I had a special connection. MLIA

Yesterday, I went to Six Flags and I noticed that you couldn't bring food in. I had a sandwich in my bag, so I decided to cover the tops of my bag up with pads and to my luck, I also got a male employee. He did not find my sandwich. MLIA

Today, I was talking with friends about how it was so silly as kids to believe in cooties. Then my friend said "Dude, they're still real. We just now call them STD's." I now look at my whole childhood differently. MLIA

Today, in biology while learning about osmosis, I learned from my teacher that if you put gummy bears in water, they get bigger. Guess who now has an army of mutant gummy bears? MLIA

Today, I was at my work (pharmacy), and a little kid came up to me with a box of tampons. I asked him if he knew what they were for. He replied with "Their for my little brother. The commercial said they would help you swim and ride a bike, and right now, he cant do either". Easily the highlite of my life. MLIA

Today, I was working as a lifeguard. At our pool, you have to be 15 to be in the hot tub. A kid was arguing and saying that he will be 15 in a month, so what's the big deal? I replied that I will be 17 in a week, but still can't legally use magic. He silently got out of the hot tub and back into the pool. MLIA


Monday, October 5, 2009

I Don't Even Have A Good Title, That's How Worked Up I Am...

Please proceed with caution: very controversial post ahead.

So as I'm catching up on my Google Reader info (1000+ unread items, geeeez), I came across Penelope Trunk's newest blog posts from a few days ago. Now some of here stuff is interesting so I keep it there and browse through from time to time. Now today I come across her post about her interview about a tweet she did (FYI, I don't have twitter, obvi I'm missing out.) and has now caused an uproar. Here's her tweet:


After I first read this, I reread it again because I was convinced what I read wasn't correct. What kind of person can post such a thing, from work? Seriously? Now first of all, I am against abortions being legal for any other reason than rape, incest, or saving the life of the mother in the case that both mother and baby would die, and these are EXTREMELY touchy issues. Now this being said, I would like to think this tweet is disturbing to anyone whether they support abortion or not.

Penelope finds what she did a good thing, thinking that women need to talk more about these issues. It sickens me that she makes it seem that talks about miscarriages should be lunch table discussions or facebook statuses. For most (apparently not all since she is practically rejoicing), having a miscarriage is a horrible situation. I have known couples who go through multiple miscarriages before being able to carry a baby to full term and the emotional strain on the woman and her partner can be immense.

As someone who works with all men, I'm absolutely positive and would bet everything I had that none of these men would want to hear about my miscarriage or abortion. Not. A. Single. One. Nor do I want to hear about their manly problems. I do not believe it makes me a stronger woman to be able to basically brag about having a miscarriage at work and then back it up with numbers saying plenty of women start having miscarriages every day at work. Seriously? Now let me say that if a woman needs to talk about it because she's upset and needs emotional support, I totally understand and support this, but talking about it because you believe everyone should know you are having a miscarriage right now and couldn't be happier, no.

The fact that she was offended when others said miscarriages are gross and she relates it to menstrual blood and sex during periods is absurd. Really? This is how she backs up her choices? Oh, and I loved how she brings in the Pope, backing up miscarriages being better than abortions. How can one compare these 2 things and say one is better?

I'm not outraged like I apparently should be that the waiting period for an abortion is 3 weeks in WI. It is a major life decision ending a child's life and all, not birth control. I don't really care that the odds of her getting pregnant were slim because she is older, people defy the odds every day.

Here is her pitiful interview from CNN in case you have any desire to hear her complain about driving to Chicago and rejoice that she had a miscarriage. I can't gt the video to embed so please follow the link:


It is days like today where I am literally sick and disgusted by others who are also human beings who are suppose to having a beating heart.

"Welcome To This Place, I'll Show You Everything"

Title: Creed - "With Arms Wide Open"

Oh the weekend has come and gone again so fast. Mine consisted of:

Spending quality time with my DVR catching up on all my shows I missed this week.  You don't have a DVR!? Get one.  God made it himself, I'm convinced.
Getting mad at the CW.  They do NOT want me to watch the Vampire Diaries. Why you may ask? No idea.  Last week baseball was on instead and now this week my DVR recorded it, but it had no sound.  On top of it, it won't play online.  I've tried but nothing works. I need me some   shirtless Stefan in my life. Duh.
Cooking and baking. I made stromboli for family dinner and pumpkin roll for dessert.  Just like the awesome blogger I am, I have no pics to show the awesomeness.  Take it from me, they were both amazingly scrumptious.
Btw, my did not look this good, it is hard to roll that stupid cake! Ugh.
Going to the movies to see Whip It! Go see it now. LOVED this movie.  It is hilarious, seriously.  Vito didn't want to go but I forced him and he admitted he was wrong, he loved it too.  Ellen Page is one of my fav actresses. Love her.
Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks at OG (Olive Garden), which is my fav, and finishing the meal with splitting a piece of pumpkin cheesecake.  It was amazing.

Buying new perfume. Pink Sugar. LOVE it.

Can't wait for next weekend!


Friday, October 2, 2009

"Anger And Agony Are Better Than Misery"

Title: Three Days Grace - "Pain"

This quote pretty much sums up my life at the moment. I feel completely overwhelmed by everything I need to do and everything I want to do, which are hardly ever the same things. Surprisingly enough, my life has calmed down a lot more than it was before. I use to be a fool, working 40hrs a week on top of taking 6 classes at college, not to mention having a life because we know that is important. It sucked to say the least. I barely slept, I felt like I wasn't making enough time for the people who meant the most to me, I was getting sick often because I was running my body on the minimum, I was trying to lose weight, Vito was almost 1000 miles away, and I still made a 4.0. Am I bragging? Maybe a bit.

I struggle with finding sympathy for fellow students who complain because they have 5 classes to attend and it interferes with their party schedule. When I say struggle, I really mean I despise these people because I could only DREAM of focusing only one my class work. I am not blessed with having my education, car, insurance, etc. paid for. I am lucky enough to live at home so I do not worry about those expenses, but I have to work or I couldn't make it to class without my car.

In walks this semester with 6 classes, hard classes all related to my major (Psychology) or my minor (Criminal Justice). Talk about trying to do the doggy paddle just to keep my nose above water. It wasn't working. I started missing classes. Lots of classes. Sleeping was much more appealing and trying to get my body out of bed in the morning turned into one of the hardest things I had to do all day.

Vito called me yesterday and was in a bad mood because he had not "done anything enjoyable all day" because he spent his day going to class and doing homework. This statement pushed me over the edge. Hi, I have class every morning followed by work every day during the week. At what point did he think I "did anything enjoyable" between these 2 things? He didn't have an answer.

After struggling a lot, I decided it was best for me to drop 2 out of my 6 classes. This was hard, admitting I could not handle everything that I had taken on, like I had before. I dropped one of the classes because I missed one assignment when I was legit sick and the professor threw a big fit as if I missed half the semester, sending me emails every day to see if I dropped the class. She was very unfriendly about the situation. Her class had so much work attached to it, I decided I would attempt it a different semester when I could devote more time to it (i.e. when I'm not trying to start designing my own research study). My other class I could not connect with the professor's teaching style. 4 chapters, 200+ pages, and 3 lectures later, I felt like I learned nothing and was totally unprepared for an exam that included 6 full essay questions.

Honestly, this whole situation just sucks. I'm bummed about it but what can you do? I think I made the right decision based on keeping as much of my sanity as possible. I can't tell you how much I look forward to being out of school, end of story.

Oh Happy Friday.