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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It is that time again: Christmas Cards & a Surprise!

Today I placed an order for work that had an 8-10 week lead time.
10 weeks puts us at January 2nd.  

I'll just let that sink in for a second.

My order isn't going to arrive until after the holidays.
This is about the time every year where I realize how close the holidays are and how the end of the year is sneaking up on me.

Halloween is next week. 
Thanksgiving about 4 weeks.  
Christmas less than 9 weeks.

I may not have Halloween candy for the trick or treaters or have my Black Friday game plan mapped out yet, but let me tell you, in between wedding planning, I certainly have started prepping for Christmas!

I've started a skeleton list of people to buy for, amounts allotted to each person, and started drafting ideas.
Some presents have already been bought.
And Christmas cards? 
Y'all, I have been looking at the different options for a month now.

I love sending out Christmas cards to my family, friends, and bloggy friends!
Last year, we ordered our Christmas Photo Cards through Tiny Prints.
And honestly, we could not have been happier with our cards.
They offer so many different and awesome designs and shapes of cards to choose from.
The quality of the finished card was flawless.
And the customer service has been great.
Fast responses, helpful, and always nice.
The way customer service should be!

I will be upfront with the problem we had with our Christmas cards.
There was just too many to choose from.  
Just look at some of these gems I found that I'm already in love with.

How cute is this ornament shaped card?
I adore this font.
I am loving the trifold design!

It was a long and intense process picking just the right card that we both loved.
But it was worth every moment and we are willing to subject ourselves to it again.  
I suggest you head over to Tiny Prints and check out the many different designs.  
I am certain you will find a whole bunch you will love too.
(I won't even tell you how many I already have favorited...)
While you are there, make sure to check out all the special offers they have going on right now.

Besides their website, you can find them all over social media!
Instagram: Tiny Prints

Now, the REALLY exciting part!
Because Tiny Prints is so awesome, they are letting me host my very first giveaway!
One of you lovely followers will win $50.00 off your order.
(does not include shipping & cannot be combined with any other promos)

All you have to do is comment on this post and include two things:

tell me your favorite Christmas card design
and please include your email address.

Easy peasy!
The last day to enter the giveaway is November 1st.
***Giveaway is closed!***

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints but all the opinions stated above are 100% my own.

Monday, October 8, 2012

"Cuz I Know That Time Has Numbered My Days"

Title: Mumford & Sons - Babel

My Weekend in Numbers

The number of pumpkin related items I ate at the pumpkin fest on Saturday.  3. ONLY 3! At an entire festival, I saw less than 10 pumpkin food options.  How is that even possible!? I'm still upset.  But the pumpkin funnel cake, pumpkin whoopie pie, and pumpkin bread helped.
 The number of pounds I've lost since last Monday.  
The number of albums I've had on repeat (since the beginning of last week). 
Mumford & Sons.
 The number of loads of laundry I washed and put away yesterday.
 The number of Fringe episodes I watched over the weekend.  That show has sucked me in & I'm only on the second season! 
  (Approximately) The number of tears I cried last night as Vito read 3 chapters of The Fault In Our Stars out loud.  We are getting close to the end. SOB.
 The number of times I cooked over the weekend.  Chili. Mmmmm.
The High temperature yesterday.
  (Approximately)  The number of times I wished it were Summer yesterday.
 The number of books I finished over the weekend.  Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.  Such a powerful book.

 The number of days over the weekend I wore Halloween-themed socks.
 The number of pictures I took over the weekend.
 The number of days I am counting down until the next weekend!

How was your weekend?