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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And just like that...

I drop off the face of the earth.
But on the bright side, some things have happened since we last saw each other.
Let's look at some snippets.

I turned 26 & I got a penguin balloon animal. It was the highlight of my otherwise second worst birthday ever.

I ended up with food poisoning.  That was made worse by previously mentioned stomach problems. Which turned into dehydration and messed my body up so bad I spent my first night in the hospital since birth instead of at my bridal shower.

I was showered with love by many of my favorite ladies.

Vito & I also spent a week at the beach.  Which was our first vacation in 4 years.

We moved out of our first home.

I helped move Vito into Clemson (which was the absolute worst nightmare of a moving story ever.) & I moved in with my sister & niece.

Vito & I rendezvoused in Virginia for the weekend.  We ate, watched football, and slept.  It was nice.

We had the best day ever.

The good, the bad, the terrible, and the best  
All rolled into one post.

Let's do this again soon, shall we?