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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Adventures of Cherry Bombs: An Afternoon Tea Party

*Please note my posts will be in so specific order, they are just coming out how they come out. Love me through it.

When talks of San Francisco started, it was not long after when Lauren suggested to do tea at Crown & Crumpet. After looking at their website, everyone agreed it was a must on our trip itinerary! So on the first day, we made a tea date for the afternoon.


When we got there, it was amazing. It was beautiful, like a little girl’s dream place to be. There were people of all ages there from a family celebrating a little girl’s birthday, to a bunch of girlfriends celebrating, to mother and daughters doing tea together.

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The walls were covered with gorgeous artwork and it was so much to take in!

P1030916 P1030917

They sat us in the back in front of the faux fireplace on the couch and chairs for our feast!


Our Feast included:


5 pots of tea (but we only drank 3! Strawberry Fields Green Tea, Peach White Tea, and my favorite, Paris Black Tea!)

Yummy Tea Sandwiches: Roast Beef, Cucumber, Salmon, Onion & Cheese, Egg Salad, and Chicken Curry Salad.

Crumpets and Scones!


With yummy spreads to put on top!


Last but not least was the selection of pastries! The ladies were in.love. with the blueberry tarts but my favorite were the short bread cookies.

The selection was wonderful but way too much, we didn’t even finish everything (we took the leftover back to the hotel, no worries!). Everything was delicious and it was so much fun!

Alex & Christina, Future Sister In Laws!

Ashton, Me, & Lauren on the couch!

Ashton with crazy eyes, me, & Lauren posing

AKA one of the best pictures of the trip.

Beautiful Alex!

This was my first time at tea and let me just say, I couldn’t have had a better time than with these ladies!

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Lauren said...

I need some of that Paris Tea and those tasty tarts in my life now!

Vanessa said...

I miss Paris tea in my life. Why oh why do they not have it on the east coast?!

*D* said...

i want to make a trip to san fran just to go to crown and crumpet! such a fabulous place, looks like you girls had a fun time! :)

Ashton Dene' said...

I also want some tea! & pastries!

Alexandria said...

Someone tell me what the eff I was doing that I didn't try the Paris tea?!

Oh yeah...probably gasming over those freaking TARTS!

Hope Chella said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment and I want to have a tea party now!!!! This looks like a blast :) xx


bananas. said...

that place is suuuuuper cute! OMG!!! i love it! what a perfect girl's day.

fhen said...

whoa such an awesome tea party!
bet you had tons of fun!
by the way have just followed your blog
mind to follow mine back? :)


Miss Caitlin S. said...

That looks like SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!!!!!!! I love it. I want to do that. I haven't had a girl tea party in about 10 years- I need to get on that.

Lildonbro said...

That place looks awesome! And yeah, like way too much food...not that that is EVER a bad thing.

Jessica said...

That place looks amazing!

Elizabeth said...

Gah, it's like girl paradise! I love the artwork...I want to do that in my home :)

Mar said...

You girls are too cute! I'm glad you had such a great time :)

& I need that place in my life, it looks absolutely fabulous!


Elizabeth said...

HOW FUN!!!! Looks wonderful!! Great pictures!!! I am catching up on blog reading...got behind this week...crazy at work!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

~Ivy~ said...

Your trip looks amazing....pushing down the jealousy!!! One day when my kiddos are older, I will meet you all in person....I will show patience tho. I don't want my kids to get big yet.

SogniSorrisi said...

Looks like such a fun place! Too bad I don't drink tea.