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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pet Peeves 101

Oh heeey blogger, long time no see!.. I mean write? Something like that...

I'm alive, I've survived finals. My GPA for the semester is currently at a 3.33 but I'm disputing one of my grades at the moment so it might rise. If only my professor would get back in contact with me...

Anywho, I've had a bit of an issue jumping back into blogging. I've just lack motivation I guess. But today I will put that to an end!

So let's talk pet peeves.

I have pet peeves. A LOT of pet peeves. More than I could write about in one day, but let's just start with a few for the sake of your sanity.

#1. People who chew loudly/with their mouths open.

This kills me. Literally. It makes me sick and nauseous and I've been known to call people out on it that I don't even know. The sounds just makes me die on the inside. Once I worked with fellow employee in which caused me to quit (that's another post entirely) and on my last day of work I flipped out on her. She was standing on the other end of the room and I could hear her chomping on her gum. I yelled at her to shut her mouth, that even my (at the time) 4 year old niece knew how to chew with her mouth closed. Needless to say, it was ugly. Real ugly.

#2. Finding out important information via facebook

Let me just say, I'm a facebook stalker. Own up, I know you all are too. What else is the stupid site good for besides stalking. Now that being said, I shouldn't have to find out big news via a social network from close friends. I expect it through others that I barely talk to. But breaking off engagements when I JUST saw them 2 days ago & had no idea?! Totally makes me sad... This isn't my only pet peeve with facebook, but more on that later.

#3. Cliffhangers in season finales

It's season finale time. You know what that means. My face is glued to the TV, especially since I do not have school interrupting. Everything going along fine, loose ends are being tied up, and with 1 minute left in the show they completely twist everything you've ever thought was going on in this show upside down and leave you hanging. Not just for a week, no that's not good enough. You now have to wait 4 MORE MONTHS for answers. This kills me EVERY TIME.

So tell me, what are some of your current pet peeves??


Brittany said...

Ah! I'm so a pro fb stalker! Lol It is really sad when all your info begins with ..."Well I saw on fb..."!

And I'm so ready for some Grey's tonight...I might even watch in real time and not on dvr!

Oh and one of my pet peeves...ppl breathing in my face. Random..yeah. But I can't stand it. Or people that tail gate me. That's a good way to get shanked!

I've missed you! :) I need to be a better twitterer...(sp)..Haha!

Vanessa said...

Britt- Hahaha. Pro FB stalkers FTMFW! I'm ready for Grey's too. I'll be watching it live because I can't wait. I already watched the 10 mins preview and about died. And by about died I mean yelled at the computer to give me more, because it had the power, obvi. I've heard there will be a cliffhanger. See #3. I hate people breathing in my face. It creeps me out and makes me feel claustrophobic. I've missed you! Either be a better twitterer or we can be email friends. I'll totally email back this time instead of thinking it was just from blogger. *facepalm* Love you!

Bri said...

i second the gum chewing and cliff hangers on shows. so annoying.

Alyssa said...

Hmm, my pet peeves. It probably sounds mean, but I just can't stand a person who seriously lacks in common sense. I know I have my slip ups, but I just can't take someone who doesn't get it .
Also, I don't like socks with "gold toe" or big white socks in general. I have no reasoning for this, they just gross me out.
Finales wouldn't be finales without cliff hangers! :) What's gonna keep everyone coming back for next season?? Although I agree, they kill me too.

Vanessa said...

Bri- VERY annoying. Hahaha.

Alyssa- I HATE when people lack common sense. I just can't seem to be around them, it makes me feel dumb. & I'd totally keep coming back without cliffhangers! Like not tying up loose ends are fine, but leaving people dying, I can't handle the stress. I curse at the TV Every.Single.Time.

Jenny said...

I love this post! And I am so happy to see you back! I missed reading your blog!!!!

Great job with the GPA!!! That is still a good one!

I am now going to do a post about pet peeves! I was going to do this last week but forgot! So now I must! Check my blog for it!!!!

Jayde said...

Um, I agree with everything!
We have an Asian homestay who chews with his mouth open and it makes me want to smack him in the face. It's SO gross. Some guy at work tried to talk to me while he was eating. Um, NO!
I, too, Facebook stalk. Example, through my stalking I have found out:
- Who's pregant
- Who flew to Bangkok for a boob job
- Who's got a new BF
- Who is incredibly trashy and will do anything the moves
- Who likes to share TMI in their status updates about their love life (gag!)
I also found out on there once about how my friends all had brunch and didn't invite me. I was piiiiiissed. And bawled.
Cliffhangers - gah! Hate. Them. The pure agony of waiting MONTHS to find out what happens is just cruel. Pretty sure these writers are just sadists.

Jayde said...

Forgot to add: people who have no consideration for others.
It makes me SO mad.

Anna said...

yay for being done!! While in Bmore you NEED to go to Fells Point and get some PITANGO GELATO!!!!!

Meghan O said...

those pet peeves are completely justified! and let me just tell you how frustrating it is to find out important information via facebook. i have experience in that field and it happened for something life changing which was NOT cool... remind me to tell you some time =/

S and O said...

I just can't stand it either when people chew with their mouths open! It just gets under my skin and I want to throttle them, lol!


p.s. have a great weekend!

Annie Cristina said...

I totally get you on the cliffhanger season finale thing. I just about died at the end of season 2 for "True Blood." That wasn't a cliffhanger so much as a heart attack... and I've been suffering ever since.

Tara said...

Hey girly!!!! I havent blogged in almost a month, so I understand where you're coming from. I have hundreds of blogs on my reader to catch up on. But when I saw this post from one of my fave blogger ladies, I had to read and comment!

I have a lot of pet peeves too. I totally agree on the FB thing. And way worse than cliffhangers on season finales...cliffhangers on series finales! Are you kidding me?! I watch Mercy and the finale was a HUGE cliffhanger but the show is canceled. Pissed me off!

Mar said...

Totally agree with the cliffhanger thing - it's annoying the crap out of me. Or when they cancel a show but can't even be bothered to wrap it up nicely. Geesh.

Current pet peeve; non-native English speakers who say 'upstairs' in stead of 'up the road'... ARGH.


its simple love said...

Agreed agreed. On all of your pet peeves. I also hate it when I get cut off while driving. So rude!

oh, and just because I think it's funny, the "word verification" below is fartt. The things computers generate sometimes.... love it!


bananas. said...

HA! you would hate my great aunt. she's the grossest, most loudest smack eater. it's kind of revolting actually. lol.

Lildonbro said...

To go along with loud eaters...how about the people who manage to keep their mouths shut most of the time, but they breath through their nose like they are climbing up 70 flights of stairs!! I know several people who eat like this. Eating is not a work out people, stop making it sound like one!

Vanessa said...

Jenny- I've missed you! Thanks about the GPA. & I loooooved your post about pet peeves!!

Jayde- Uhm ew. I'd yell at those people. No joke. & I love that you found out all those great things on facebook. The great uses on facebook stalking! I too haaaaate people who have no consideration for others. Makes me mad too!!

Anna- I didn't get to go there but I REALLY need to soon! You talk it up so much, it must be awesome!!

Meghan-I love you. That is all.

Olivia- It gets under my skin too! & throttling is completely necessary if you ask me!

Annie- You're a True Blood fan too?!? YAY! Mmm love me some Eric!!

Tara-I'm so glad to hear from you! I've missed you!! Cliffhangers & then canceled?! I'd slap a bitch. Just sayin'. I can't handle it! I'm too impatient & to know there will never be a conclusion? Horrible. The worst!

Mar- Bahahaha your pet peeve is hilarious! I'd laugh if I ever heard that!

Rachael- Oh I need to do a whole post just about driving pet peeves & that will definitely make my list! Hahahaha. Word Verification is hilarious sometimes.

Bananas- Ewwww. I'd chew her out! (pun intended. ;) )

Lildonbro- Ewww I hate that too. On another note, wouldn't it be amazing if eating was a work out? With how much I love food I'd be totally fit!