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Monday, November 29, 2010

"Christmas Time Is (almost) Here!"

Now that I've successfully celebrated Thanksgiving , I can officially move on to the next holiday on the list.


I cannot believe Christmas is going to be here in less than 4 weeks! Thank God for my engagiversary twin Brit for introducing me to Shutterfly and their Christmas cards!! I have been sending Christmas cards out for years now, getting out the green and red pens to write lovely messages to my loved ones. Vito and I have been on the fence about buying picture cards instead of the generic ones in the store. We seem to get a few every year and I "ooh"and "Aww" at every single one!

After seeing that they were offering a promotion for us bloggers, I was immediately sold. This year would be our first year picture Christmas card! By just blogging about Shutterfly, they are graciously giving us 50 free picture cards! Free! Head on over here to check out this amazing deal for yourself!

After that, you need to head on over and check out to multitude of different designs they have to offer for Christmas cards and Holiday cards. My biggest problem is trying to pick a favorite one, there are SO many cute ones!

I'm in love with the flower tree. So cute!

How could one not fall for these stockings!?

I just adore the candy cane letters! So festive!

Pretty snow flakes!

As you can see, there are many, many, many choices!

Also make sure you check out their Christmas party invitations. Makes me want to have a party just so I can buy the adorable invites!

I now look forward to picking a design and a picture(s) for our first photo card!

I can't wait to see how they turn out! Thanks Shutterfly!

If you would like one of these little pretties from me, either leave your email in the comment section below and I'll contact you or you can email me with your address at caramelphotos@gmail.com


JB said...

I want one! :)

Meghan O said...

I would like to exchange cards again this year!! Let me know if you need my address again, if yours hasn't changed since last year I have it :) Otherwise let me know! Can't wait, I love this time of year :D

Jenny said...

I ordered my cards yesterday! I am so excited to get them!

And I want one

Mar said...

Such pretty cards!

I kinda already figured we would be exchanging cards this year again, but let me know if you need my address!

Amanda said...

Well that's mighty nice of them to do that. If I hadn't already ordered and received my Christmas cards, I would totally do this deal! Can't wait to see what yours look like!

C'est La Vie said...

ok seriously these are so stinking sute!! shutterfly is like heaven, no?? :)

Katie said...

aw i want one! if you have any extras (ooh, I just sent off my wedding announcements! YOu should be getting it soon :)


Marissa said...

Love all of those cards! They seem to be getting cuter every year!

Nancy Face said...

My favorite is the flower tree! It's SOOO cute! :)

I have at least 6 boxes of cards that I bought after Christmas last year...they ranged from 50% off to 80% off! So I just got a bunch of prints from our family photo shoot and I'll send those cards out with photos inside!