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Monday, April 4, 2011

"Just Like The Movies. That's How It Will Be, Cinematic & Dramatic With The Perfect Ending."

Title: Katy Perry "Not Like The Movies"

Saturday night Vito & I had no plans. None. It's a pretty rare & treasured occurrence. I pondered what we could do. Go out? Meh, maybe but I wasn't feeling it. I thought we could cook a nice dinner (there's been a Pioneer Woman recipe that has been haunting my thoughts), enjoy some wine, and rent a movie maybe even go down the street and see one in the movie theater. A relaxed evening.

Sounds perfect right?

Especially because there are A LOT of movies I've been wanting to see.

In the theaters:

1. Source Code.
One word: Jake.
That is all.

2. Hop
I love how adorable & funny this movie looks. Excuse to grab my niece for the day & see it with her instead? Quite possible!

Now for some movies I missed in the theaters and will inevitably Red Box them. Because Red Box is now a verb.

3. I Am Number Four.
I read this booked, loved it, & couldn't wait for it to come to theaters. Did I see it? Ugh, no. I will soon though. But I'm MORE excited for the next book to come out.

4. Love & Other Drugs.
We covered this reason already. Incase you forgot:

5. It's Kind of a Funny Story
I've been wanting to see this & read the book. I mean really, it has Marsh from U.S. of Tara in it! Love that show!

6. Tangled
Everyone and their mom has seen this movie and loved it. I neeeeeeed to see this, just so I can understand the amazing hype around it. & really, it's Disney.

Unfortunately we saw none of these but we will. & soon!

Did I miss any other movies in my list that are must-watches?


Katie said...

Source Code is excellent. We saw it this weekend, and I highly recommend it.

And you HAVE to see Tangled. One of the best animated movies to date :)

BigAppleNosh said...

If you haven't seen The King's Speech yet, I recommend! :)

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

I really wanna see Hop! Him pooping jelly beans cracks me up every time. Lol

Lildonbro said...

I am so out of the loop I haven't heard of either of the movies in the theaters....but source code looks good because of one word, Jake...I totally support you in this reasoning :)

Lildonbro said...

P.S. I just saw a preview for Source Code

P.S.S. along the cartoon lines, I LOVED Mega Mind

Annie Cristina said...

Tangled was amaaaazing! (As is Jake. Yes.)

Heather said...

Nathan think I'm silly for wanting to see Hop, but seriusly, how cute does it look?!

Amanda said...

I really want to see Tangled--I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't! It seems like a cute family movie!

Connie said...

yes. you DO need to see Tangled! I cried! lol
And my husband said source code was awesome-

Alexa Mae said...

I want to see source code so bad!! My kids want to see HOP so bad. I have a feeling we will be seeing both.
Love and Other Drugs is a really good storyline. And you may or may not see Jake's butt. (And more than what you want to see of Anne.) (I wish I'd of known before we rented it.) It's Kind of a Funny Story is AMAZING!
And Tangled? My favorite Disney movie of all time. No joke. I get teary everytime. And I think I'm almost in my double digits of seeing it.
You two are a darling couple! I love it.

Meghan O said...

Source Code looks like it would be a good one exactly for your solid reasoning. The last movie I saw in theaters was actually I Am Number Four on the day it came out. That feels like forever ago! I really liked it (and get your countdown going to august 23rd for the next book!)
The rest of your other choices look good, but what I REALLY want to see is Tangled! Let's be serious here, it Disney, love it!

one last thing,
Jake. :)

amy said...

I read I Am Number Four and saw the movie. Loved them both!

I'm so excited for the sequel!!

Nancy Face said...

Source Code was amazing!

I loved I Am Number Four!

Tangled was my favorite of all (and my teenage son has a cartoon crush on Rapunzel)!