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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Word-Filled Wednesday {30}

It seems the older I get, the faster time just seems to fly by me.
Prime example: at work today I just realized I still had my calendar set to June.
& here we are, only 5 days left in July.

Where is this Summer going?

I just don't know.

& I'm stressed because I can't seem to find a balance to do everything I want and need to do.
Multiple people to see.
Many posts to write.
So many places I want to go.
A life to figure out.

In the midst of trying to fit everything and everyone into only a short amount of hours in the week where I'm not working or sleeping, this quote I found really speaks to me.
If you are overwhelmed, maybe it'll be a nice reminder to you too!

Happy Wednesday!


Karm said...

That is an amazing quote. And I know exactly what you mean by being overwhelmed.

Kell said...

I love that quote! I remember how it used to seem like days took forever to pass. Once it hit december, those 24 days til Christmas seemed to take as long as the entire year. Now? Time absolutely flies. I don't like it.

Tiffany said...

That is a great quote. It is so true...but I do try. I just have such a hard time saying "NO!"

And I'm with you...how on earth is it almost August??!! I mean, what? Have a great weekend!

JB said...

amen to that!

fhenny said...

ah such a great quote!
and how past the time flies it's august already!!