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Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Day You Challenge {8 Fears}

Hey ladies.
This is where I should insert what happened over the past month.
Sickness. (2x)
General craziness from October.
So let's just pretend I've been here the whole time and pick up where I left off?

Another day of the Challenge!
It's a pretty heavy, depressing post.
Enjoy! ;)

8 Fears

It is my biggest fear ever.
It would most likely be diagnosed as a phobia.
In relation to me.
In relation to others.
This makes going to bars and riding public transportation hard for me.
It is not something I can handle.
At all.

Losing my loved ones.
I can't even handle thinking about losing the ones I love most.
It is an instant anxiety booster.

Ew. Just ew.
Clowns are SO creepy and I just.. ew!
Last time at a Halloween scary thing?
I'm pretty sure I left nail marks on one of my guy friend who was in front of my because one of the clowns followed me.
I walked out in tears.
No bueno.

Not being enough.
General fear.
Not being enough.
Not being good enough.
Not being pretty enough.
Not being a good enough friend.
All of those self-doubting feelings.

I hate any and all bugs.
Want to bring out the screaming girl in me?
Put me near a bug.
I freak out.
Especially bees.
They seem to be the worst.

Never losing weight.
I'm terrified that I'll be this weight forever.
That I will continue this self-hating attitude because of my weight.
I fear I'll never be happy with myself and that isn't okay with me.

Becoming pregnant.
I feel selfish having this fear.
With all the wonderful women I know who have struggled getting pregnant/are struggling to get pregnant.
& here I am praying I don't.

Being stuck in life.
I fear often that I'm stuck.
Same job.
Same place I'm living at.
I have so many hopes and dreams and when I don't see visible progress, I fear this is the way it will always be.
I want to travel the world and have a job where I'm making a difference in people's life and live somewhere where it doesn't snow.
I fear the aspect of no change.

What do you fear?


Jenny said...

I can totally relate to your number 1!

its simple love said...

I can definitely relate to the fear of being stuck. I love change and I try to keep things interesting. I also love to travel!


Taylor said...

i think these are all very valid fears! none of which are selfish! just truthful! :)

Heather said...

Getting pregnant is a fear for me too...dear lord, I get anxiety just thinking about it!

Mar said...

Not knowing what will happen next, or where I'll be in 5 or 10 years, that's my fear. If I could have my life planned out to the day, I probably would.


Kell said...

Oh my gosh BUGS. I hate bugs. The path to my apartment is usually littered with bugs at night, so instead of risking being touched by one, I run to my door. True story.

And #7? Not selfish. Being pregnant/having kids is a dream that some (a lot) of women have.. but not all of 'em. I know it's not my dream. It's just a huge commitment and there's too much I still wanna do with my life. Same boat! :)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

haha, I hope you feel better! 8 is a constant worry as I get older and I try hard to make sure that doesn't happen. Number 2 is the worst, knock on wood!