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Monday, April 1, 2013

This Weekend I . . .

April Fools day, one of my least favorite days of the entire year.
This girl is about as gullible as it gets.  So to make this day better, I decided to do a link up at Syndal's bloggy blog!

This Weekend I...

Enjoyed the last day of touring wineries on the wine trail we took part in.  We visited two wineries, did tours, and tasted a lot few wines.  

We really enjoy learning about wine and love drinking wine.  Plus it is fun to do something different and get out and about.  It was such a beautiful day, we enjoyed a glass outside at the one winery with this view.  I often do not appreciate the beauty of my state.

This weekend I...

Toured some of the Gettysburg Battles once we were done touring the wineries.  
We've done the entire tour before so we decided to stop at a few of our favorite locations and enjoy more of the beautiful weather.
First we stopped at Vito's favorite spot which is a giant tour that overlooks the Battlefields.  It has 10 flights of stairs and I must really love him for doing it.  Because here I am two days later and my calves still hurt every time I move.

Then we headed over to my favorite spot, Little Round Top, which is a big hill that overlooks a lot of the Battlefield.  It also had a ton of huge rocks for children (and Vito) to climb on. 

This Weekend I...

Watched the long awaited return of Doctor Who.

Then over the past few days since, have been theorizing with Vito and friends through tweets and emails and texts.
This show always leaves me with so many more questions than answers.
And I CAN NOT get enough of it!

This Weekend I... 
Had a busy day celebrating Easter
We enjoyed an uplifting church service with friends.
Celebrated how great is our God
Made delicious lemon bars that Vito's family devoured.
Spent lunch with my family and dinner at Vito's Grandparents.
We ate candy out of our Easter "Basket" (tupperware container) from my mommy.

 Took goofy pictures in bunny ears.
And received sweet notes from my Princess.  
Being an aunt is really the biggest blessing in my life.
My heart is bursting.

Overall, it was a busy and exhausting, but amazing weekend!
Now back to reality.

And how was your weekend?


Miss Caitlin S. said...

definitely looks exhausting but in a good way.

Mariaana said...

Love the bunny ears! My Easter decorations were very minimalistic this year (as in; non-excisting).

I went on a little road trip this Sunday and spent the rest of the day drinking and eating all things delicious :)

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

the wineries sound awesome! and yum, lemon bars!

Heather said...

Your Easter weekend sounds just about perfect!

I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award: http://notjustbrides.blogspot.com/2013/04/liebster-blog-award-take-2.html

Have a great Friday!

Heather said...

You had an exciting Easter weekend!!!