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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"And Though My Edges May Be Rough, I Never Feel I'm Quite Enough, It May Not Seem Like Very Much But I'm Yours..."

Title: The Script - "I'm Yours"


5 years ago today you could have told me my whole life was about to change and I would have never believed you.

5 years ago, I was a young 17 year old who was anxiously preparing to leave for my senior music trip to Florida to venture on a cruise to the Bahamas and spend time in Universal Studios. At that point, my biggest worry was being that far away from home for the first time.

5 years ago today a young boy showed up at my house, a dozen pink tipped white roses in hand, and spent the evening with me. We talked, we sang, we held hands, and we started the beginnings to a beautiful relationship that neither of us knew would be in store.


4 years ago today we dressed up in fancy clothes and you took me out to the nicest restaurant I'd ever been to.

4 years ago today you took me to the top of the city and we overlooked all the lights and enjoyed life being easy.

4 years ago today we celebrated falling in love and surviving one whole year together and wished for more.


3 years ago today I sat at home missing the man who held my heart while was away in Florida for a year.

3 years ago, I was learning that absence is not for the weak. That being away from each other for a year was one of the hardest things either of us had to do but it made our relationship grow stronger and our love became even more infinite.

3 years ago today we reminisced of our first night of our relationship, looking at the stars knowing we'd be together again soon.


2 years ago today we found our new anniversary ritual, visiting the Melting Pot.

2 years ago we learned that when life was tough, we bonded together.

2 years ago, we realized how deep our love ran and that no matter what came against us, we'd make it.


1 year ago today we enjoyed a night away at the harbor, eating delicious food and loving each other even though it was raining.

1 year ago today we laughed that we had made it the length of high school and reminded ourselves how stupid others were in doubting our relationship because we were young and high school sweethearts.

1 year ago to grow together as people individually and as a couple as we continue our journey in life together.


Today we celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

Today I celebrate the love that has grown in me deeper than I could have ever imagined.

Today I love this man more than I did 5 years ago, but less than I will 5 years/25 years/ or even 70 years from now.


Alyssa said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you two gave a great day together :)

Anna said...

this is SOOOO adorable! I am for some reason in a gushy love mood this morning even though I am by myself and (trying to) tackle schoolwork and so reading this is perfect haha. And also reminds me of myself. although I am still in the long distanct phase boooo. Happy 5 years!!!

Tara said...

I love this post! Happy 5 year anniversary V and V! Congrats!

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Queen Caylor said...

Happy Anniversary!

Brittany said...

AWWWW!!!! :) :) :)

Happy Anniversary you guys!

Alexandria said...

Cuteness! Happy anniversary you two crazy kids!!

Jenny said...

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Marci Darling said...

gah, this is beautiful! You guys are inspiring :)

Lauren said...

Aww yay! Love it! Here's to many more years with our wonderful men :)

Elizabeth said...

Gah the two of you are so cute...and you love him! It is so inspiring how sweet you are :)

Meghan O said...

awwww you guys are super cute! Happy Anniversary to you two =D Have a wonderful day with Vito!!

Beach Belle said...

How sweet!! Have a wonderful anniversary!!

Heather said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! I wish you two many, many more!

bananas. said...

awwwwwwwww...i love that we share anniversaries.

i also love that we're both STILL so in love.

happy anniversary doll! 5 years...wow that's a dang long time ;)

amanda leeann said...

this almost made me cry.

i love you! & i'm so glad you have a man that makes you happy :)

Tiffany said...

What a precious story you have! Happy Anniversary! I hope it's fabulous!!

Melina said...

Happy Anniversary! This is so sweet!

adri. said...

Such a cute post girl :) You and your boy are so cute together. Happy happy happy anniversary!

SogniSorrisi said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely post.

Isn't it funny how one night, one meeting can just change everything? I never saw my husband coming, we met and that was it...now its hard to remember life before him.

I wish the two of you many, many, many more years of happy times and anniversaries.

Nat said...

This is such an adorable anniversary post! You guys are beautiful together. Congratulations!

Christa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

fhen said...

aww this is such a sweet post
happy anniversary and all the best for you two

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Miss Caitlin S. said...

Wait, this is so cute. Looks like you guys are really really in love, congratulations!

Mar said...

Happy anniversary!

(please love me through this late lame-ass comment...)

Love you!

~Ivy~ said...

Being in love with someone that makes you the best version of yourself is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


~kiMbeRLy~ said...

Thank you for this! I love seeing people in love! It is so natural! Congrats!