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Friday, August 26, 2011

"'Cause You're Hot Then You're Cold, You're Yes Then You're No..."

Title: Katy Perry - "Hot N Cold"

Dear Fall,

We should probably talk and get something straight.
I am sure you are currently confused with how I've been treating you.

I want you here.
I don't want you here.
I miss you.
I want you stay as far away from Summer and I as possible.

I keep changing my mind, hence the title to this post as Katy Perry so nicely helped with.
But you know what, as my 7th grade teacher taught me:
As a woman, I have the prerogative to change my mind any damn time I please.
So let me explain myself.

Fall, I love you.
It's true and real love.
The leaves changing and crisp air?

The switching of the wardrobe?
I mean, I've already bought a pair of boots in preparation and I've been staring at my scarves longingly, waiting for the first cool night.

Any and all things pumpkin?
I mean you are talking to the girl who is counting down the days until she can have a pumpkin spice latte in her hands.
12 including today.
(September 6th)

Halloween & Thanksgiving?
Two of my favorite holidays.

I already plan on making soup once a week.

See Fall, I really do love you and all the things you bring me.

(I hate that word too.)

There are two problems.

I don't think I'm ready to let go of Summer.
I love her too.
It's just, I haven't spent enough time with the beach yet.
4 hours sitting on the beach?
Clearly not enough for my beach-bum soul for an entire summer.

I am happy when you are here but I know you'll leave too.
& what happens when you leave?
Well, you know.
& with winter comes freezing temps and that horrible white stuff.
I will never, ever be ready for that.

So as you can see, my heart is torn.
Please know it isn't you.
I love you, Fall.
Just give me a bit more time.
I'll be ready soon.


Karm said...

Oh my GOD! I love this post. I so understand your feelings about Fall and winter... meh I prolly would love summer too if I wasn't living in Arizona hahaha

Jessica Marie said...

I am so ready for fall, mostly because it's still very hot here and I have no air conditioning. After reading what you wrote about fall and looking at the photos... I'm REALLY ready for fall. :)

Alana said...

I feel the same way. I'm so torn! I love the "feel" of fall, but I'm not ready for it to get cold yet!

Bad Joan said...

Great post!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I moved to a place where all I ever get is summer all throughout the year that I have really missed fall, I missed the changing of the colors of the leaves and that surprise chill you get early in the morning. Oh and I miss Pumpkin Spice. We don't have that at our local Starbucks. Boohooo.

adri said...

I. Am. So. Excited. For. Fall. AND HALLOWEEN!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

hahah, pretty much how I feel!!! But holy crap you found the best soup picture in the entire world, WANT! i LOVE soup so much. Fall really is an amazing and delightful season... I want it too, in like 2 weeks (I need a bit more sun). I'm so excited for tights too!

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

Ugh! I'm so ready for fall!!! And all those pretty pictures, make me so giddy!!! :)

*D* said...

i feel so torn between letting go of summer and being ready for fall too. and the thought of winter just scares me!!

Kell said...

My heck. Today I got into my car at 6:30 and it was 106 degrees.. and I thought to myself "Alright, I have had enough of this. Time for winter."

Or maybe I'm too fickle. Cause I know in the winter I'll be complaining about how cold it is.

Tiffany said...

I totally agree...BUT....this year I'm really ready for fall! This Texas heat is killing me softly this year!