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Monday, August 15, 2011

"Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything, I Just Wanna Lay In My Bed"

Title: Bruno Mars - "The Lazy Song"

Is it really Monday already?
I just don't see how this is possible.
Wasn't it just Friday??

To brighten up your Monday, please keep reading.

Getting up out of bed this morning?
Seemingly impossible.
I got up late because I hit the snooze many, many, many times.
I feel like I've been walking in a haze.

Come to work with half my coffee already consumed and start working on time cards.
Remember that sleepy haze I was in?
Phone rings and I answer:

"Thank you for calling -insert company name here-, Vanessa Sleeping"
Instead of speaking.
It was the boss's wife.
She laughed, told me to stop sleeping on the job & that I was fired.
I told my boss and he laughed.

Obviously, I need more sleep.
So today, I will be dreaming of being at home in bed.
Taking a nap with Vito.
To get me through this day.


Elysie Piecie said...

That's too funny! I hope your day goes by quickly and you can go home and take a nap.

Jenny said...

LOL! So funny!!!

I worked at a doctors office right after high school. We had a special line that the doctors and their family called in on. I was working through lunch one day and it started ringing. Instead of answering "Southeastern Pediatrics" I said "Southeastern Alabama" And it was a doctors wife. She just laughed! Before end of work that day everyone knew about it, thanks to her husband!

Annie Cristina said...

Lol! I hear you on the more sleep end. Especially now that the school year is about to ramp up again. (Hold me.)

Have a great Monday! Hope you get your nap with Vito later on. :-)

Karm said...

sounds like something I would do. haha When I'm at home I sometimes answer my phone "Good Morning, this is Federal Programs" even though I've been clocked out for a few hours or days haha

Have a great rest of the day.

amy said...

LOL! That's hilarious!!

Get some rest!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

omg, hahahah, at least by stating it- you were proving that you weren't!

Nancy Face said...

"Thank you for calling -insert company name here-, Vanessa Sleeping"

Ohhh, nooo! Haha! :D