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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Word-Filled Wednesday {41}

This word-filled Wednesday is super exciting since I had thought today was Tuesday.
Weeks that start out like that always go by quicker!

I chose this one because of the excellent news that season 7 of Doctor Who will begin to air September 1st, as in 10 days from today.

-Insert excited-fan-girly screams here-

So here is one of my most favorite quotes from the show from arguably my favorite episode of the series.

Happy Wednesday Loves!


Alice said...

that's a good one!

I've never seen that show...maybe I'll have to check it out.

Kell said...

I so need to watch this show.. but I cannot get into the first season. I think I'll have to push through it!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

ooo so simple and well said!!! i dig it! (though I have never heard of this show!)

Jessica Donbrosky said...

I can't see the picture cause I'm at work - but I love two things in this post...

weeks where I think it's earlier in the week than it is

and Dr. Who!

Christina said...

I just watched that episode!

Jayde said...

YES YES YES. This is my favourite Who ep of all-time. First of all, because it's written by Richard Curtis, who wrote Love Actually which is my all-time favourite film. He is just wonderful. And Van Gogh is my favourite artist. And the way it dealt with mental illness was beautiful. And that quote has really stuck with me, because I feel like it's something I should do well to remember when I'm struggling to cope day-to-day - which is often. I have actually thought about having a part of it tattooed!

Jayde xo