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Monday, August 20, 2012

{Wedding Talk} Choosing a Venue: What We Do Not Want

Wedding planning.
There are so many decisions to be made when planning a wedding.
My to do list on The Knot gives me anxiety with all the things I need to do before the big day.
But where does one start?
Well after the budget of course, I think choosing a venue is next in line.

With so many around, how do you narrow them down?
I started with figuring out what I did not want in a venue.

I did not want a bingo sign at the reception.
This eliminates all the fire halls in the area.
Don't get me wrong, I've been to a few and they have been beautiful.
And the price?
But it just isn't for me.

As absolutely beautiful and breathtaking as church weddings are, I have never envisioned myself getting married in a church.
This is one thing Vito & I went back and forth on for awhile.
He was leaning towards a church wedding.
I always envisioned getting married outside.
Plus you add in all the extra things you need to worry about with having a ceremony and reception at separate places like transportation and all that jazz.
After talking about it, we decided to look for a venue where we could host both our ceremony and reception.

We needed a venue that was beautiful and we loves but would not cost us an arm and a leg.
This is where the budget talk before the venue search was important.
Vito & I are paying for the wedding ourselves, without help from our parents.
He is not on good terms with his parents at the moment and my mom can't afford to chip in.
This leaves the entire cost of the wedding on our shoulders.
And those of you who have helped with a wedding/planned your own wedding/ researched anything to do with weddings will know that nothing in the world of weddings is cheap. 

So with those basic ideas, the search began!
But more on that later. ;)

Was this your first step in looking for a wedding venue?
What did you/do you not want in a venue?


Laura said...

The checklists are so daunting. The exclamation points next to overdue tasks haunt me. Lol.

I am fortunate enough to have my parents footing my venue bill so I let my mother set the tone for that decision. But for those friends of mine who don't have that luxury, they were creative in choosing the scene for their ceremony. Perhaps you can find a beautiful park or other outdoor setting that would be cheap and beautiful and then have the reception at an affordable and easily gussied up venue. Good luck!

Miss K said...

Whew--the venue search is exhausting! I "settled" on my venue because it was very inexpensive since I'm a member of the church--even though I never saw myself having a church wedding either. But settling on that meant we could really devote the budget to other things we cared about. Good luck: I hope you find some place fantastic!!

Caylee said...

The venue search is awesome. You see pretty places all day, it makes your wedding day more "real" and we were spoilt by free wine, champagne, and snacks.

Living in Cape Town, most of our wedding venues are wine farms. This was my number one NO for me. Luckily we found a stunning venue that is very unique and perfect for me. The price tag was perfect too.

Good luck with your search.

Bonnie said...

It is so hard to decide this wedding stuff. I did some research beforehand, but really it comes down to personal choice. It can easily get overwhelming.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

Oh the venue search! We were lucky that our dream venue opened up a month after we got engaged and after looking at it we just knew it was it. It had everything we wanted.

As far as pricing...paying for your own wedding sucks..royally. But at least I didn't have to feel obligated to agree with someone else just because they were paying for it. Or have that whole "Well, I'm the one paying for it." comment dangled over my head when I disagreed.

Heather said...

Oh wedding expenses. I never realized how expensive everything was until I started planning. I'm trying not to let myself freak out, but it's happening nonetheless :(. My parents aren't really able to chip in either, they think they can, but they can't and I won't allow them to get deep into debt for my sake.

As for the venue, I'm sure whatever you have in mind is beautiful! Luckily for us I live in the country so we're getting married by a little creek that runs by our church. Now we just have to pony up the money for tents...which are SO expensive!