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Monday, October 8, 2012

"Cuz I Know That Time Has Numbered My Days"

Title: Mumford & Sons - Babel

My Weekend in Numbers

The number of pumpkin related items I ate at the pumpkin fest on Saturday.  3. ONLY 3! At an entire festival, I saw less than 10 pumpkin food options.  How is that even possible!? I'm still upset.  But the pumpkin funnel cake, pumpkin whoopie pie, and pumpkin bread helped.
 The number of pounds I've lost since last Monday.  
The number of albums I've had on repeat (since the beginning of last week). 
Mumford & Sons.
 The number of loads of laundry I washed and put away yesterday.
 The number of Fringe episodes I watched over the weekend.  That show has sucked me in & I'm only on the second season! 
  (Approximately) The number of tears I cried last night as Vito read 3 chapters of The Fault In Our Stars out loud.  We are getting close to the end. SOB.
 The number of times I cooked over the weekend.  Chili. Mmmmm.
The High temperature yesterday.
  (Approximately)  The number of times I wished it were Summer yesterday.
 The number of books I finished over the weekend.  Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.  Such a powerful book.

 The number of days over the weekend I wore Halloween-themed socks.
 The number of pictures I took over the weekend.
 The number of days I am counting down until the next weekend!

How was your weekend?


Kell said...

12 (approximately) the number of times I smiled during this post.

The Fault in Our Stars = PERFECTION. Ugh. Cried so much. Loved it so, so much. I think I'm going to have to re-read it soon.

You can have my 70s-80s and I'll take your 50s. I hate that it stays warm here til December.

Liz said...

I love pumpkin foods!!! Sounds like you missed out and need to go to Starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte ;)

Mariaana said...

Only 1,5 more days to go until the next weekend! Woop!

And isn't the new Mumford & Sons album perfection? I have listened to it so many times already and just, I love it.


Ivy said...

I'm loving the Mumford and Sons album too!!!

Love your number post. It was fun to read and made me smile.

When are you coming to Iowa City???

I need to share a bottle of wine with you!!!

Love ya

Jessica Donbrosky said...

You lost 2 pounds because that festival was a lie and only had 10 options. I got way excited when I read you had one but then finished the paragraph - I LOVE pumpkin stuff!

I enjoyed this post - very much.
I've also read speak - I believe they made a movie out of it (actually I know they did cause I Netflixed it). AND I am totally sucked into Fringe too - finally got season 4 on Netflix and I'm spending way too much time on it.

Elle Sees said...

My past weekend was greatttt! i went to disneyworld for my birthday, you know, it's totally the regular thing to do for girls in their 30s! ;)

Nancy Face said...

Yikes, it's pretty cold there, isn't it?