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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"The Screams All Sounds The Same. Hey!"

Title: Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

Do you know how many movies there are in the world?
Yeah, me neither but I can guess that number is PRETTY big.
With the constant releasing of new movies, it is hard to keep up.
And inevitably, movies slip through the cracks.
And sometimes, those movies are classics.
And people find out.
And have a heart attack because you are missing out.
And according to people in my life?
I have missed quite a few.

Example A

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.
Growing up, I was not allowed to watch any movies or TV shows that involved magic.
But that's a post for another time.
So basically when I was allowed, I had to catch up on all the amazing movies Disney had to offer.
Sadly, I've still missed this one.

Example B

Y'all, Vito & I were having dinner with two couples from church.
This movie was brought up and I said how we hadn't seen it and all 4 of their mouths dropped open.
You would have thought we just told them the world was ending.
We promised we'd watch this over the Christmas season so they'll still be friends with us.

Example C

Wayne's World.
My sister yells at me all the time since this is her favorite movie.
And she just can't believe that I haven't seen it, since I'm related.
Thankfully her love wins out so she hasn't disowned me.

Example D

You've Got Mail
I admitted on Twitter this morning that I haven't seen this movie.

So I get it.
I'm missing out on a lot and I promise to remedy this.
So don't disown me.
I'll get right with God asap.

Now do tell.
What movies haven't you seen that cause crazy reactions from people?


Anna said...

I've never seen Napoleon Dynamite, Father of the Bride, or pretty much any movie Ben asked me about for the past 5 years (he's been getting me caught up on my cultural deficiencies though lol). Snow White is creepy and good because it's more a historical look at the origins of animation. My grandma saw it in theaters when it first came out; she was in grade school! Overall I'd say you're not missing much :) What gets the most reactions from people is when I say I don't have a smartphone yet.

Mariaana said...

All of the above, plus Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, E.T., Toy Story and Little Miss Sunshine.

I love watching new movies, but also love watching my favorite movies over and over again. I mean, how else am I suppose to quote all of 10 Things I Hate About You?!

Miss K said...

I've never seen any of the above except Snow White (and honestly, other than the fact that it was very before-its-time and has many catchy songs, it's not that great of a Disney movie. The biggest one I hadn't seen was Princess Bride (until late High School): I can't believe I put it off so long! I absolutely loved it once I did watch it.

Jessica Donbrosky said...

I've never seen the Notebook and guys and girls alike seem to give me a hard time about it.

Little did they realize that their reaction makes me want to watch it even less. I kind of take pride in note having seen it.

I also haven't seen The Proposal or all but one Bond movie...

Jessica Donbrosky said...

and by 'note' I mean 'not'

Heather said...

There are ALOT of movies I haven't seen either...so don't feel bad :).

Miss Spaghetti said...

If you are a fan of Will Ferrell whatsoever, I second your friends in that you should see Elf this holiday season! Best of all it's a family-friendly flick. Mr. S's 6 year old son LOVES it, he and I say lines to each other all year round!

Dree said...

I won't shouty cap you, especially because I only just saw the classic Meg Ryan movies a few months ago. My favorite was When Harry Met Sally! Oh, Snow White was perfect.

Kell said...

YOU NEED TO WATCH ELF. It's my favorite Christmas movie. I've never seen Wizard of Oz or Mary Poppins. And I watched Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time this year.

Nancy Face said...

I haven't seen Wayne's World all the way through - not my thing. Don't tell your sister!

Snow White is good.

Elf is even better.

You've Got Mail is so wonderful, I...I...I can't even! But Lauren and I talked my skeptical 17-year-old son into watching it, and by the end, even HE thought it was fantastic!

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

i had never seen the big lebowski for a long time and when i finally did i thought it was overrated