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Monday, November 12, 2012

{Wedding Talk} Countdown: 11 Months

Today is November 12th, 2012.
Probably to most of you, it seems like just another dumb Monday. 
Mostly, I agree.
Dumb, stupid Mondays always ruin my inevitably too-short weekend.

But today? I looked at the date on my phone at work and it hit me out of no where.
11 more months.
11 more months until our big day.
After this realization, I was instantly hit with two polarizing emotions that can be shown with two different questions that entered my mind.



First I thought 11 more flipping months.  How is this possible?! 
My impatience shinning through, such a beautiful sight. Vito & I have been together for over 7.5 years at this point.  We started dating in high school so rushing our relationship? Nah.  We never hurried to be engaged (Obviously, because the amount of "about time" comments we received when we announced our engagement made that clear).  We didn't see the point.  I chose him, he chose me,  We knew in the end we'd be together so why rush to spend oodles of money we din't have on a wedding.  We'd get there eventually.  That is not to say we were not or are not flipping excited to be husband and wife.  We are ecstatic.  I am. And now I am feeling slightly impatient because I just want our wedding to be here. I want to be married now and see how beautiful our day will be and how everything will turn out and what everything will look like and to call Vito my husband and be surrounded by everyone we love at the same time and...
I am so overly excited, it is causing my impatience to bleed through.  

And then the flip side of the coin.

I only have 11 months to pull this shindig together? 
We don't have a DJ or know what we will feed people or even come to a final decision as to who will be in our bridal party and I haven't lost the magical 50 lbs in the last month like I was wishing to lose before dress shopping and... The list goes on here too.  Wedding planning is a joyous job, but good Lord it is overwhelming and time consuming for a couple on a budget.  And there are SO many things to plan I would have never thought of before hand.  And I only have 11 months left to do it all? Time to change into my superwoman gear. 

But even after these two outlooks that first popped into my mind, thinking of our wedding day makes me giggle like a little school girl.  Someone at church last week said "This time next year, you guys will be married!" And we both stood there with stupid grins on our faces.  Because our wedding will be here before we know it and everything will be planned for and even if things go wrong, we will be married at the end of the day, 11 months from now, and that is what is most important!

Am I the only one who experiences two very different emotions surrounding one event or idea?


Miss K @ Midwest Miss Gets Hitched said...

I completely agree with both of what you are feeling!! We're getting married in less than 6 months, and on one hand, part of me wants the planning to be over: we haven't been together nearly as long as the two of you (only 2 1/2 years) but the planning being over means we'll finally get to live together and start our new lives together, which I'm SO EXCITED for. But on the other side, I feel like we still have a lot of planning to do in these last 6 months and that we haven't done nearly enough of it yet!

So hang in there--we can be on this boat together (along with plenty of other brides-to-be I'm sure!!)

Mariaana said...

Just eleven more months, darling! I'm just as excited as you are :)

I'm very familiar with going through the full range of emotions when it comes to big events. One moment I'll be all happy and excited and the next I'll want to cancel the whole thing and go hide under a rock. And then once it's over, I'm glad that I went through with it because it was awesome :)

You'll be fine, and your wedding will be everything you want it to be!

Anna said...

Well I could have written every word of what you just said, so let's say that your feelings are normal ;) and get used to them! Even up to the last minute you'll be shocked at how many decisions you have to make about things that you NEVER imagined existed. The last week when I was checking in with vendors I was just like "do whatever you think is best" re: appetizers, bouquet ribbon colors, etc etc and they thought I was the most laid back bride ever when in reality I was just sick of making decisions! When I was planning I was mainly stressed out about not being able to pay for anything and so I felt like I couldn't have a say in what I wanted (my parents picked up almost the entire tab...) But in the end everything works out. Do I wish some things worked out differently, or better? Heck yes, but no matter WHAT, it WILL be the happiest day of your life. Although it was also so incredibly overwhelming and I was an anxious wreck, and I'm actually relieved it's over, but I love the memories and being married is awesome! If you have any questions or need to vent just email and I will talk you off the cliff :)

Anna said...
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Anna said...

oops sorry for the double essay...

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

11 months should be plenty of time to plan... good luck and congrats!

Elle Sees said...

I've never been married so I live my wedding fantasies through others and Pinterest. Sounds like what you're going through is normal.

Heather said...

Nate and I are almost at 10 months to go and the only thing I've got is the venue (our home) and the photographer. I should be freaking out...but I'm not. I can't believe our big days are approaching so quickly!

Dree said...

I am so excited for you. I think that the worries about getting everything done is normal, but you are thrilled to get married and that is the most important thing!