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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Everybody Everybody Wants To Love, Everybody Everybody Wants To Be Loved"

Title: Ingrid Michaelson - "Everybody"

So a few things on this cold and soon to be even more snowy Tuesday before I rant about Valentine's day.

Firstly, if you notice in my comments, I changed my name from MoreThanMyOwnLife to Vanessa. Much more boring. I don't really have a good reason for changing it, but just so you know, don't get excited thinking it is someone new, it's just me. 8)

Second, take a gander over to the left side
There is a new box. Formspring. You probably know about it by now because it seems to be all the rage in blogland right now. If not, I will explain. In stead of waiting for posts where I have y'all ask me questions you have been dying to know about me, at any point you can ask your questions by entering them into the box. You can include your name (which I prefer!) or you can do it anonymously if you wish. I'll then make sure to answer them for you. Make sense? Ask away!

Third, I hate snow.

On to the real matter of the day.

Presents. Not just any presents, but presents for V-day.

To start off, let me just express my distaste for V-day even though I do celebrate it. I'm not a fan of this day. I think it is unnecessary.

Why on earth do we need a day to celebrate love? In my opinion, shouldn't every day celebrate love? Why it is only focused on one day a year? Now don't get me wrong, I never turn down an opportunity to go out and buy presents for Vito, but really. I think it would be much more special if randomly one day he brought home something for me or decided to take me out one night rather then on the night everyone else is doing it.

Before Vito, my best guy friend and best girl friend use to dress up in all black, go out to eat, and go to the movies. It was still fun. I think if we are going to celebrate Valentine's day, it should celebrate all the love in our lives, not just our romantic love. I always buy my niece presents and take her out wherever she wants to go. But I also do that randomly, so I think it is okay.

Anyway, rant complete. Down to the real problem at hand. V-day is 5 days away and I do not have a present for the handsome man in my life. That's where I'm turning to y'all for help!

What did (or have you gotten) you get for your significant other(or now ex) or even friend?
Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!

P.S. You can still request a card from me! I'm hoping to get them out tomorrow!


Mar said...

Look at your blog becoming more and more cool every single day! I love the form and might just use it to stalk you every now and then :)

About Valentine's Day... I probably would have liked it more if I had a boyfriend who I could share it with, so right now, it's just like any other Sunday. Nothing special. Maybe next year :)


Elizabeth said...

Haha...on the name change, I knew it was you :)

Anonymous said...

looooove ingrid m. <3

sadly I'm rubbish at thinking of gift ideas. I get stumped every holiday, every year.

but I completely agree, as charming as presents on valentine's day are, and who doesn't like getting/giving to the ones you love, spontaneous gifting would be all the more meaningful...think how nice the world would be if we walked around randomly springing people with gifts!

Elizabeth said...

I so cant wait for my card in the mail. You are just two sweet to me!! :-)

Brittany said...

That formspring. How cool, I've never heard of it.

I think I'm going to get Beau a Wii game...I'm not very great at buying gifts sometimes. Lol

I'm sure he will love whatever you get him.

SogniSorrisi said...

I hate snow, too, but even though its been snowing here from last night I really can't complain. We've been lucky this year. *knock on wood*

I haven't gotten my husband anything yet! The last few years we've gone away for the weekend, but he's way too busy with work to be able to do it this year (at least I got him away at New Year's!!) and I don't know what to get him now...eek.

~Ivy~ said...

I love the love you sent me in the mail.....XO

Katie said...

I love that song. Ingrid Michaelson = Love