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Thursday, July 26, 2012

"They Tell Me You Can Only Dream When You Fall Asleep..."

Title: Ed Sheeran - Nightmares

Have I ever told y'all about my dreams?
No? Maybe? 
I don't remember.
But let's just say I have dreams the my main man Freud would love to analyze himself.
(love me through my psych nerdiness.)
Most of my dreams are crazy, off the wall, I don't even know how my brain would make this shiz up and somehow it does.
When I say to my family: 
"So I had this dream last night...",
it is usually followed with:
"Hey y'all, it's story time!"
"NOW what could you have dreamed up?"

Now as you all already know, I only started actively planning the wedding for less than 2 months.  
I've have 3 wedding dreams already.
I can only imagine how many I will have by the time we say "I do".

The dreams

The first one?
Happened the beginning of July.
& it was a full out nightmare.
I'm talking putting on my dress and it fell off me.
Did. Not. Fit.
My mom had to try to sew me in the dress using parts of her (baby blue!) wedding dress.
And she kept stabbing me with the needle.
My hair had already fallen out.
And the wedding was suppose to start 45 mins prior.
I was convinced Vito thought I blew him off.
Did I mention none of my bridesmaids were anywhere to be found.
SO awesome.

Second dream?
Last night.
& it was a normal dream.
I dreamt I contacted a photographer for the wedding.
It took them forever to email back.
And when they did, he told me he couldn't photograph the wedding. 
"It was his mommy's birthday."
And I should just move my wedding to accommodate him.

The third dream?
Also last night.
I dreamt I read in the paper that the post office was doing a release for two days.
Specialized Stamps!
Of what, you might ask?

The one. The only.
Doug Funnie.
And I NEEDED them for the wedding invitation.
I had myself in a tizzy because no other stamp would do.
Only Doug.
I'd say this was the funniest dream so far.
Pun intended.

At least I'm having a wide variety of different dreams...
And on a scale of Vanessa's crazy dreams, these rate very low on the craziness scale.

So tell me, am I alone in wedding dreamland?
Am I the only one with waaaaaay out there dreams?


Anna said...

Oh god I've had soooooo many wedding nightmares....only pray that they will STOP after the wedding!!! They range from having the reception in my ugly church basement with bright orange tablecloths and old banged up metal folding chairs, to everything related to not being prepared the actual day of the wedding. Like, it's time to walk down the aisle and I haven't done my makeup or put on my dress, and various themes like that. Always seems more horrible during the actual dream. I hope to smash them away by making very detailed itineraries and plans for the day-of!!!!

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

Haha! Doug Funnie! Only you! And I'm pretty sure I didn't have any nightmares...you're just weird! ;)

Meghan O said...

I love your psych nerdiness because it brings out my psych nerdiness. My favorite is the Doug Funnie stamps dream. I'd be pretty excited to send out invitations if they had Doug on them.
You're definitely not alone in the crazy dreams. I had a dream last night that had a mention of a wedding in it but it was a childhood friend and there was running around in snow and shopping at target involved. I don't even know what...

Heather said...

I've had one wedding nightmare and it was horrific. My mother had planned the whole thing in these atrocious colors and I literally ran from the altar. OY.

Alana said...

Ok, that last dream is hilarious! So random! haha

I still have wedding dreams, which I take to mean that I want a do-over! :) (On the wedding, not the guy. haha)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Dreams never cease to amaze me- they are so crazy and bizarre.

I really have dreams mostly about horrific, messed up things and it makes me wonder about my subconscious! Why do I have such horrible thoughts roaming my head!

Jessica Donbrosky said...

I can totally see why you would want Doug stamps for your wedding invites - awesome :)

Thanks for the intention pun - lately I feel like people don't use them enough.