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Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Talk: The Creation of the Binder

Ever have one of those weekends where you basically do nothing?
That was this past weekend for me.
We did dinner at home on Friday.
Saturday: Vito had a meeting in the afternoon and a guy's night out at night.
Sunday: we ran errands.
Please hold back your jealousy.
We like to party hard.

So since I have no fun stories about what we did, I thought maybe I'd touch on something wedding related.

Behold the Wedding Binder.

Since this is kinda a big thing, planning a wedding, I thought I should do my best to stay organized.
Some people told me they lived by theirs.
Others told me they were unnecessary.
Last weekend we ventured out to Target and found this pretty in the school supplies section and spent that evening putting it together.

In front, I created a monthly calendar.  I will always keep the current month up front so I can write down appointments and keep track of meetings.

I purchased the little dividers.
I jotted down a list of 8 categories I thought might incorporate everything.
Since I'm indecisive, I made sure I could change them at any time.
Or could just add more.

Very important to me? 
The pocket.
If you are at a vendor meeting, the chances of papers being hole punched, ready to be inserted into my handy, dandy notebook binder are pretty slim.
Also heavily stocked with lined paper for notes while at meetings.
And big rings, for all the inspiration and DIY projects I will inevitably print off of Pinterest at some point.

It works pretty great for me, even if it is simple. 
And I love how adorable it is.
It has even been used in action at our first official meeting about a wedding.
But more on that another time. ;)

Did you/do you have a wedding binder?
Any tips for something I'm missing??
Or can we just talk about how depressing it is to see school supplies back in stores already?
Don't even get me started on the Christmas decor popping up...


Karm said...

That sounds like a great idea. It will help with the stressful stuff. I like your idea... and no I don't want to hear about the Christmas decor either ):

Anna said...

I made a binder....and then never used it. haha. My organization consists of a little Moleskine with notes, an old dirty used field notebook with notes, a page in my 5-star notebook/journal with notes, and the important papers are in Ben's "wedding file." Guess who's the more organized in our relationship??

Kathy Schneider said...

Great idea. I am definitely doing that when I plan my next wedding.

Kathy Schneider said...

Great idea. I am definitely doing that when I plan my next wedding.

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

Love this!! I loved my binder!

Heather said...

I love that you now have a binder. You know, I should get my hiney in gear since our wedding is 14 months away. At this moment, I could care less. Must get that out of my head soon!

angie said...

Gosh you are so organised! Can you come and plan my wedding?!! haha!

Mariaana said...

Binders are life-savers!
I get strangely excited whenever I get to 'organize' something with the help of a spreadsheet or a binder or the likes.

Alice said...

And so it starts!! How exciting! I can't wait to hear all the happenings with your big day!

Jessica Tyler said...

You are way more organized already than I ever was! Way to be. That will make managing stress a lot easier. But wedding planning is kind of fun too! Can't wait to hear about your first official meeting about the wedding!

Lisamello said...

That's a good idea, and I love the pattern of it, its very pretty :)

megan said...

My wedding binder is almost always with me! :) One thing you might want to add is a clear page protector to hold any swatches you might have!

Heather said...

I had a DIY wedding binder like yours and it was a nice way to narrow my wedding vision to something that actually looked cohesive. It was also nice to have all my vendor contracts and their contact information in the same place. I like that you added a calendar to your binder!