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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Wedding Talk} Finding The Perfect Venue - Check!

So far in the wedding venue world, I've told y'all about things we didn't want in a venue.
And venues we fell for but didn't work out for us.
So now? 
Let's get to the good part!

We set up a meeting to tour the beautiful barn venue that Sunday.

Now one thing you should probably know about me:  I am a worrier. And I get all kinds of nervous. Over everything. I mean, everything.  (My boss has suggested I get anxiety meds for the wedding week.) So something as big as touring a venue? I couldn't even eat lunch before hand, I had myself so anxious.  But don't worry, we stopped after church so Vito could chow down on some food.  Man has a stomach of steel.  I just kept having nervous thoughts.  What if the lady is mean? What if I don't ask the right questions? What if it isn't perfect? What if we never find a venue that we can afford? What if... What if...  Ridiculous right? I had spoken with the owner and she was very sweet on the phone.  I brought my wedding binder with a whole list of questions to ask. And if it didn't work, what could I do to fix that? Nothing.  (I can rationally point these things out now).

So we made it there on time.
And we met the owner.
And we toured the place.
She answered all the right questions.
And basically, the meeting went great.
All those worries for nothing.

A beautiful barn for a perfect reception.

A built in area for a faux-to-booth.

Fields around a beautiful lake.

Pretty places for pictures.

And many places to choose from for a ceremony site.

(Please excuse the poor quality pictures.  It is hard to take multiple pictures while paying attention and ooohing and aahhhhing.)

We get in the car and Vito looks at me and says "I think it is perfect, let's do it!"
Me: "Uhmm. Well it is perfect but let's think about it."

Another things you should know about me? 
I am indecisive.  Probably the most indecisive person you will find.  I was the girl who would find the perfect homecoming dress in store 1. But go to every single other store, JUST IN CASE there was a better dress.  There never was.  But I always feel like I need to see all my options before making a big decision.  And since a wedding venue is a pretty big decision, I thought I should think about it more.  JUST IN CASE.  (welcome to my ridiculous side, y'all.)

I had 3 reservations with the venue.
1. We really wanted a September wedding.  
And this venue was completely booked for September and the first weekend in October already.  Most than 15 months out y'all.  Wedding vendors are crazy.  So the second & third weekend in October were open.  
2. The barn does not have heating or AC.  
Though I feel, after talking to about 20 different people for their opinions, this shouldn't be a problem.  The average temp is low 70s.  By the time it starts dropping, we'll be drinking in the barn and dancing the night away.  There are 2 big doors that can be open or closed.  So it should be fine.
3.  The owner will be out of state the weekend of our wedding.
This had me worried. I would be working with her and yet she wouldn't be there.  She assured me another lady, who lives on the property would be there if we had questions or had any issues.

Things we loved?
1. The venue was exactly what we pictured.  And by we, I mean me and Vito thinks it works.
2. It was in our budget.
3. We get the venue from Thursday evening to Sunday.
4. We can bring in whatever vendors we want.
5. We can decorate and set up however we want.
6. It is close by.
7. It is just beautiful.
8. The owner was so sweet.  And she was very encouraging about coming to visit every weekend if I wanted.  Bringing whoever I want to show it off.  And encouraged coming on Saturday morning so I could see how other brides decide to decorate the place.

So as you can see the pros totally outweigh the cons.
But I was still thinking.
And then I received an email from the owner letting me know that there were 2 other brides, who toured the venue the same day as us, who wanted the second weekend in October.  She said she does it by whoever gives her a deposit first.  But she wanted to give me a heads up since we were the first to tour it (by a few hours).  I received this at work and, well, cue freak out.  

We had to decide and we had to decide now.  Vito was sold on it.  And after really thinking it over, I was too.  We had dinner plans with a group of friends that night but we wanted to get everything booked as soon as possible, just in case.  So in order to secure our date, Vito headed over after work to sign the contract while I went to my yearly spread 'em appt.  (Is it just me or do these appts really make it seem like a year flies by waaaaay too fast?)

So, after this incredibly long post, Vito & I have a date and a venue!
We are getting married!
12 October 2013


Miss K @ Midwest Miss Gets Hitched said...

Your venue is gorgeous and I think the pros totally outweigh the cons. Congratulations: you have a venue AND a date! :D

Liz said...

Yay congrats, it's soooo nice to settle on a venue! Looks beautiful! I love fall weddings, we're tying the knot in November.

Kell said...

YAY!! It looks so beautiful. I understand your reservations, but doesn't it feel amazing to have a date? And really, your venue is gorgeous. You're going to have an amazing wedding.

Anna said...

yayyy it's going to be so gorgeous!!!!! best of all you have a DATE! October 12 will obsessively control your life for the next year let me tell you. My date is Oct. 6, and I think October is an awesome month to get married :)

Anna said...

p.s. having access Thurs to Sunday is going to be a lifesaver. sounds like the most boring pro, but will end up being your favorite haha.

Kimberly Bonham said...

LOVE your blog! New follower!
Follow me back via GFC?

Heather said...

The venue is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm so thrilled for both of you!!

Kelli Mueller said...

After all the ‘what ifs’ and anxieties, it is great that you and Vito found the perfect venue for your wedding. Sometimes, it is good to be a little indecisive because it can lead you to the choices you really want. Anyway, good luck with the wedding! 11 months might be long, but I’m excited to see what would happen in your wedding!

@Kelli Mueller