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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Check Your Handbook, It's No Trick. Take The Chapstick, Put It On Your Lips."

Title: Vampire Weekend - "Oxford Comma"

The other night I thought it was a good time to clean out my purse. I don't know about you ladies, but my purse seems to collect an insane amount of trash. Mostly stupid, old receipts. While cleaning it out, I decided out of inspiration from Amanda, to do a "What's in my purse" post! I'll warn you now, it's a lot of junk!

1: Beautiful, pink Coach purse. My sister had been buying Coach purses for years and I scoffed at the price. Hi, why would someone pay all that money for a purse?! Then I saw this beauty when Vito & I were in LA. We were wandering down Rodeo Drive and ventures into the Coach store. I saw her and fell in love. We left and I kept thinking about her and ended up going back the next day to get her. It's true purse love.

5: Movie ticket stubs. I collect them. 2 for Eclipse, 2 for Inception, & 1 for My Sister's Keeper.
1: Spoon. I have no words or explanation.
1: Checkbook with pictures of my niece when she was younger. *tear*
1: Blue & Green Polka Dotted Umbrella. Because you never know when it could rain!
1: Wallet with a million bonus cards and a few credit cards.
2: Coupons. My mom gave me an entire stack of BOGO Rita's coupons. They have no expiration date so I assume they are good for life. Plus 1 old Kohl's coupon. I'm MVC, it happens.
2: Olive Garden Gift cards left over from my "Admin Assistant appreciation day" gift from my boss. AKA free soup, salad and breadsticks for me!

1: Book. I always carry a book with me. You never know when there might be a spare moment to read! This time around, it's "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."
1: iPod. Always. Music must be with me always. Vito bought this for me for our 4th anniversary. I use it almost every single day. I have enough songs on here to cover 5 days.
1: iPod arm band. To assist listening to music while at the gym!
1: Pair of head phones for the iPod.
2: Sets of keys. The one with "Vanessa" is my normal, small set of keys. It only has my school ID, house key and car key. My other set of keys with the pirate keychain (Yes, it does say "I'd Like To Get My Hands On Your Booty") has a lot of bonus cards and other keys on it.
1: Beautiful new iPhone with Hello Kitty Case. I never go anywhere without my phone. I'd feel lost without it. Especially since I know how an unhealthy obsession with Words with Friends. (Anyone out there play??!)

4: Bottles of meds. Ranging anywhere from Aleve, to allergy pills for Vito, Allergy pills for me, & Acid Reflux pills. Because I'm obviously old.
2: Bottles of hand lotion to keep my hands super soft.
1: Mini bottle of perfume. Never knew when you might need to freshen up!
4: Lip glosses
1: Chapstick. Because I obviously need all these lip products
1: Bottle of antibacterial! Never know when you are going to be in some nasty place & need to be refreshed!

1:Hair clip. I usually wear my hair up. If I have it down, it usually ends up going up at some point.
3: Necklaces
2: Pairs of Earrings. Jewelry gets annoying while at the gym so I usually throw it in my purse before going it & forget to take it out.
1: Sillyband. Because my niece gave it to me.
2: Pairs of sunglasses.

8: Pens. I lose pens more than anything so I throw one in my purse whenever I can. Especially from different places. Only 3 of those I bought. Ones from the bank, 2 from different hotels and 2 from different restaurants. 8)
2: Packs of sticky notes. For those times after I clean out my purse and do not have a plethora of receipts to write on.
4: Packs of gum. Different flavors for different variety. Though my fav is Stride Spearmint, hence why there are 2 packs.

Things not pictures but often seen in my purse:
1: Pair of yoga pants for changing into after work to head to the gym
1: Bottle of water. I try to keep water with me at all times.
1:Snack. Today it is a banana. Yesterday I had grapes.
1: Camera. I carry it everywhere because as anyone who has met me knows I'm basically the paparazzi with it. I loooove taking pictures!

It amazes me that all this fits in my purse. My brother-in-law calls it a backpack but it really isn't the biggest purse I own. It is true though, once you get a big purse, I don't think you can go back!


Alexa Mae said...

Omgosh this is awesome! If I did this there would be about 53 receipts and 87 skittles spilled in my purse. You are pretty organized considering us girls live out of our bags. love ya!

Jessica @ Life's Good Be Happy said...

How great? A purse filled with all the essentials :)

Katie said...

Haha I love this! People always tekk me my purse is like a suitcase. Forrests favorite game to play with his mom is "what's in your purse!"

Annie Cristina said...

Ooh, fun post idea! I might just piggyback on this later this week. :-)

P.S.) Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Christina said...

haha I love this post! I might have to do one myself. You certainly do keep a large amount of stuff in there! I agree that once you have a big purse you can never go back. I can only imagine what my purse will be like when I have a kid... its going to be intense.

JB said...

& I thought mine was bad! haha
Super cute purse!

bananas. said...

whoa! that IS a ton of stuff!!! i'm just happy you have the girl with the dragon tattoo up in the mix. not gonna lie, it made me smile.

Lildonbro said...

That purse must be bigger than it looks in the picture!
P.S. I have that same umbrella, when you described it I thought of mine and then I saw the picture and was like, "it is mine!"

carlotta said...

i loved seeing what was in your purse! i'm almost never without my iPod either :)

Heather said...

Are you serious?! All that fits into your purse?! You go girl!!! Haha.

amy said...

Wow! That's a lot to fit into one purse! I bet it weighs over 50lbs... :)

PS. love playing words with friends with you!

Mar said...

Holy cow, girl, there is A LOT of stuff in your bag! Wow.
Maybe it's just because I live 50 yards from work and I don't need a bag each day. But yes, mine are big too! I love having to roam through it whenever I need something ;)

linnykins said...

Heh. My guy friends are always baffled as to the amount of stuff that accumulates in my bags. I like your star shaped sticky notes!!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

My purse has almost the exact same contents!!! Love that Coach by the way!
PS...I LOVE Vampire Weekend!!

ag. said...

i have a big purse and can't help but keep so many things in it...so refreshing to see someone else like that! i always get discouraged by other's who post their bag contents and there's nothing in them!

Jayde said...

Haha, looks like the stuff you'd find in my bag! Mine is always chock a block full of stuff.