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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray"

Title: You Are My Sunshine.
The song my mom used to sing to me when I was younger.

Last month when I celebrated my 1 year of bloggin' it up, I had asked if there was anything I hadn't blogged about that you wanted to know. I have not forgotten about them! I decided to start with one of the newly married Aubrey's requests.

10 Things I've Learned From My Mom

Reading is one of the best past times.
My mom's favorite thing to do is read. This woman will sit down and read a book in one night. When she comes home from work, she is often found with a book in her hand. Growing up, I never found an appeal in reading. It wasn't until I was introduced to the Harry Potter series that I truly found my love for reading. I learned from her that getting lost in another world through words is one of the best ways to spend extra time.

How to flute a pie
Every single Thanksgiving and Christmas my mom makes the best pumpkin pie to ever grace this earth. Her mother use to make it and the recipe has been passed down. Now as a wonderful little girl, I always loved to help. My job every time she baked these lovely pies was fluting the crust. Still to this day, if I'm around she'll ask me to do it. Only now, I don't need to pull a chair up to the kitchen counter to reach the pies. 8)

Life isn't always fair
This is one of those phrases I've heard more times that I ever wanted to. You know the typical conversation between mother and teenage daughter, I'm sure you've had it.
"But mom, that isn't fair!"
"Well honey, life isn't always fair"
I hated hearing it but it is true. Life isn't always fair. We just need to suck it up and take the bad with the good.

It's better to have too much than not enough
If you've ever walked into my house when my mother cooks, you would think the entire neighborhood was coming for dinner. This woman overbuys everything.
Example A: We have family dinner every Sunday. One week at our house and next at my sister's, back and forth. Last week when it was at our house, we were having a "make your own sub" night. Easy right? For 6 people, my mom bought 5 different lunch meats, 2 different cheeses, all the fixin's, 3 bags of chips, mac salad, 2 types of potato salad, red beet eggs, veggies and dip, and meat and cheeses cut up. Plus cheesecake for dessert. 6 people. Her response? "Well, I wanted to make sure everyone would get what they wanted." Example B: Mom made ham, green beans, and potatoes for her, Vito, & I. After us three dishing up our food, she makes the comment "Are you proud of me? I almost made the right amount! There's only about 2 extra servings in there!" Yes Mom, so proud. 8)

Being selfless
Anyone who knows my mom would describe her as someone who has a big heart. Sadly, it becomes a fault for her as she has been taken advantage for it. This woman always puts her children first. I could probably count on one hand growing up and up until now how many times I've seen her go clothes shopping for herself. We certainly didn't grow up with much but the little she did have, she spent on my sister and I. She'd rather us be happy and have something new than herself. She still struggles with buying things for herself. I believe she will always put us first, even now that we are grown.

Sometimes a banana split for supper is the way to go.
After my sister moved out when I was 11, it was just my mother and I living at home. One night she didn't feel like cooking. She said she craved a banana split. Since we live within 2 minute walking distance from an ice cream shop, she thought it was a good idea to go get banana splits for dinner. That was my first one ever. Sometimes, it's good to do something silly like eat only ice cream for dinner.

That the world, contrary to what I sometimes believe, does not revolve around me.
Even though my mom's life revolved around both my sister's and I's, she often reminds us that it isn't that way for everyone. As many times as I've heard "Life isn't always fair" I've always heard, "Well Vanessa, the world does not revolve around you." It's a sad truth if you ask me.

Keep everything.
Ever seen the show Hoarders? My mom could be on it. This woman keeps everything. She hates throwing things out because "you never know when this might come in handy!" It's bad. & let me tell you, that one time a few years ago she had that one random thing you might have needed for one split second? She will never let you forget that instance. She will bring it up as proof that keeping random things is worth it.

Licking the spatula is more than okay
As a child, my mom always made home made chocolate cake with the best white icing ever to exist. Another recipe passed down from her mother. You best believe that then and still now she calls me to the kitchen to lick the beaters or the spatula. She always told me that is why the electric beater had 2 beaters, so both my sister and I could lick them. Obviously this means I've eaten raw eggs and I've still lived to tell the tale.

As long as you've tried your best, that is all that counts.
My mom was never the one who got angry if I ever brought home a bad grade. Never. I remember the first time I brought home a D on an assignment from middle school. I cried. She hugged me and asked me "Did you try your best?" I sobbed out a "Yes and I still did bad" and she would reply "As long as you tried your best, that is all that counts to me." It always made me feel better. She never expected perfection from me as other parents wanted from their children. She only wanted me to try as hard as I could. That was enough for her.

I could go on and on as I've learned so much from my mom. These just happen to be the first 10 things to come to mind.

Do we always get along?
Do I love her always?

Me & Mommy, Circa Christmas 2008

What's some of your favorite lessons you've learned from your mom?


Anna said...

my mom used to sing that song too! my gma is the hoarder though...i think my mom was scarred by that and makes us throw/sell/give away all our old shit every couple years haha.

Elysie Piecie said...

I love this post! I just dropped my parents off at the airport and I'm all alone in a new city. I can't tell you how many lessons I've learned from my Mama...there are so many. One of my favorites is to stay tough though. My Mama has been through so much over the years and she has constantly stayed tough and kept her chin up high. I'm proud to say that I've inherited that from her.

Jessica @ Life's Good Be Happy said...

This made me a little teary eyed! I have learned some of the same things from my mom. Especially that it's better to have too much, she cooks the same way. :)

Carolina Girl said...

What a sweet post this is! Your mom sounds precious :) I might have to do a similar post!

JB said...

I loved that. Mother/daughter bonds are something to treasure. I have too many girlfriends that don't comprehend the bond I have with mine and it makes me sad...

Heather said...

This is such a sweet post! Your mother sounds so nice :).

bananas. said...

awwww...this is so cute. i love this!!!

i have learned a lot from my mama but my favorite thing i learned was...when in doubt, just dance :)

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I am super tight with my mama...this made me miss her!
Love this post!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Awww what a great post! Some things my mother taught me:

1. Try to make the most of life, you don't know when it's going to be over, and always celebrate the special days.

2. Diamonds is never the wrong present.

3. You don't really know someone until you marry them.

4. Laugh as often as you can.

Lildonbro said...

I really like this post :) Made me smile all the way through.

My mom used to say, "It's not always about you." Which I equate to "the world doesn't revolve around you." I find myself telling people that all the time...then I realize I sound rude :) My mom never sounded rude when she said it...still trying to learn that trick.

I learned that you can make the most out of every situation. Always grateful for that!

amy said...

What a great post! The pic of you and your mom is adorable!! :)

Alexa Mae said...

vanessa, i really love you. you are the best!

this post is great. i love all of the lessons your mama taught you, especially the spatula one! xoxo

ag. said...

What a lovely post!
My mom has taught me to always be independent and make sure I can take care of myself by myself if need be. She has also taught me to work hard for every single dollar that I earn, you never know when it might run out! Thanks for the lessons from your mom!

Marci Darling said...

this is so sweet!!!

I totes support ice cream for dinner btw

Kell said...

I love my mom for teaching me the importance (and fun) of reading. I remember she'd constantly be engrossed in one book after another.

Your mom basically seems amazing!

kittycat said...

aw i love this!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Really cute! Really, really cute! I love the banana split for dinner thing, it's amazing how fun "broke the rules" things that my parents did are so fresh in my head. And yes, parents have to teach that life isn't always fair... one of the hardest and best lessons to teach. What I've learned from my Mom, oy! A lot. But I would say one is to befriend those who seem the least deserving of it. They usually need it the most.

linnykins said...

What a lovely post. Mums are the best :)

I agree about the reading point! And my contribution- I say that I've learnt the importance of initiative and independence from mine.

its simple love said...

Oh you are so sweet! I love this post! My mom would always sing me that song too! My middle name is Solana, which is sunshine in spanish, so this is "my" song. ha ha. Sorry, looks like we have to share! Mom's are great aren't they? I would have to say I learned a lot of the same things from my mom too.


Connie said...

Aww this is cute. I wish my mom taught me how to flute a pie! I don't know what that is, but it sounds delicious! (;