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Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Awards!!

I'm been absent lately due to almost dying being sick all week. Not the swine, no worries.  In my absence I've been tagged by a few lovely ladies for my first blog awards and am super excited!

So thanks ladies, here goes nothing.  Since the rules are super similar, I'll just combine the post because I can and am super cool like that.
Alright. So the rules for Kreativ Blogger are:
1. List 7 things about myself others might not know.
2. Award 7 people with the award.
The rules of the Honest Scrap Award are:  divulge 10 honest things about yourself. Then pass the award on to 7 bloggers who you believe will be 100% truthful! 

1.) Vito & I are currently trying to figure out a new last name.  I like my last name the way it is, simple and practically impossible to misspell.  Vito's last name is always mispronounced and misspelled.  He hates it because it related him back to his father.  Since neither of us want that last name, he came up with the idea of creating a new last name for both of us to take when he get married.  He wants it changed before he graduates so it is on his diploma.  Unfortunately, this is harder then it looks because we never agree on the same thing.  Hopefully one day we'll both figure out something!

2.) I get pains or feel sick and I usually proclaim "I think I'm dying" or "Maybe I have a tumor" to which Vito replies "That's nice dear."  I slightly over dramatize my pains because I think the worse when I feel them.  I stopped watching the show House because the simplest symptom turns into the craziest disease ever and my imagination is far to crazy to listen to it.

3.) In  another life, I would have either been a baker, a photographer, or an actress/singer.  I adore baking but under all that pressure I'd crack the moment I'd mess something up.  I'd love to be a photographer and hopefully I'll master this skill later in life.  I've always wanted to be famous, even as a child but my mom told me she's never put me through that.  I'm still sad because the stage is like a second home to me.

4.)  From kindergarten through 5th grade I was home-schooled. 6th grade through 8th grade I went to private school. 9th through 12th I went to public school.   I've seen it all and every single area has pros and cons. 

5.)  I always wanted to take ballet as a child but my family couldn't afford it.  They bought me a pink tutu when I was 6 and I lived in it.  One day when I was watching a documentary on ballerinas, I saw the damage on their toes and how bad they looked.  That was the last day I ever wanted to be a ballerina.

6.)  I get cravings.  Not just random cravings, I mean so-intense-you'll-be-convinced-I'm-pregnant-cravings.  I'll feel them coming hours before it hits me. Seriously, I'll proclaim "I feel a craving coming on" and within hours I'll shout "I need ____" and it will not go away until I get it.  I'll go weeks wanting the same thing  It ruins my dieting. The last time I tried to diet I craved hot dogs.  Doesn't sounds weird right? Wrong, I hadn't eaten hot dogs for almost 10 years at this point, I hated them (I ate tooo many as a child) .  Not anymore. 

7.) I hate driving with my shoes on.  If I can slip them off easily, I drive bare foot or in socks.
8.)  Growing up my mom never let me cut my hair other then a trim every once in a while.  I had hair down to my butt, stick straight.  I hated it because my sister has beautiful short spiral curls.  Finally in 7th grade I was allowed to cut my hair and it went curly.  Now I wish it was straight again but I'll never have my hair that long again.

9.) I hate the cold. I wish I could never see snow again.  It's soo pretty for the first night when no one touches it but then it gets all nasty.  People can't drive in the snow here nor do they do even a decent job at cleaning the roads.  I will one day live where it doesn't get very cold at all.

10.)  I have specific sleeping habits that need to be the same or I can't sleep, period.  I have to have sound.  I can not sleep in a quiet house, the aforementioned crazy imagination takes over.  I always have music on.  I also can't sleep in socks but no matter how warm it is, I have to have a blanket on.  The blanket has to wrap under my feet but loosely.  I also can not sleep if it is even the slightest bit hot.  I keep my AC on for as long as Vito will let me.  I always have a fan on directed on me, even in the winter.  I can't sleep too close to someone which leaves cuddling on when I sleep.  Their heat from the body and their breathing on me drives me nuts.  I can't share blankets, ever.  I'm not a blanket stealer, but I need it wrapped around my body and I can't do that with someone else in it. I also sleep with a giant stuffed dog as my pillow.  My sister gave him to me when she moved out when I was 10, I've slept with him ever since. I'm weird, it happens.

Now that you know so much more useless info about me, I tag:


Jenny said...

Thanks for tagging me!

I am the same way about Grey's Anatomy! I hear a symptom that I have and ask my Mom if that is what I have!

I can't stand for breathing in my ear when I sleep either! So we just don't snuggle!

Tara said...

Thanks for letting us know about you! So do you know what kind of schooling you will do with your kids since you've done all three?

Alice said...

I feel so especial! :D Thanks for the tag!

Can I follow the trend and combine them too?!?

Ditto on the sleeping with a fan...I need my air circulating! oh and I ALWAYS make my symtoms into something way worse.

uhski said...

Thanks for tagging me I am excited to do this, although it might take a few days cuz of homework. I don't even think I have 7 blogger friends to tag since you are out and Alice is out but I will tag a couple.

I am a hypochondriac too and an avid no-shoes driver and no-socks sleeper! But I still watch Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs =]

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll have to think real hard to match your list! It was fun reading more about you. :) That's awesome that you're going to get a new last name! So many possibilities...

Meghan O said...

It's great getting to know you and thanks for the tag!! Now what are you going to learn about me? I need to make a list =)

ps my Kellan adventure is up!!

Alexandria said...

Yay! Glad you enjoyed the blog award!

Love your honesty for sure! I too am an insane hypochondriac.