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Thursday, November 26, 2009

"To All The Players That Made This Possible, Thank You Very Much!"

Title: Sublime - "Thanks"

I'm not usually one to give into peer pressure because I'm pretty cool like that but today is a different story. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow (YAY! Bring on the stuffing!!) and I thought I'd make of list of things I'm thankful. Why not, everyone else is doing it! 8)

I'm thankful for:

God, because without him, we would not exist, and for blesses me everyday even when sometimes I don't realize it.

My dysfunctional, crazy, messed up loving family who I love even when I question why.

My Vito for loving me even when I'm' not being very loveable and continuing to tell me I'm beautiful every day, even when I'm not.

My cat, Zoe Princess, for always wanting to cuddle and sleep with me, for greeting me at the door, and playing fetch like a dog. Best. Cat. Ever.

My niece, for being the sunshine in my life and telling her mom that I was her best friend forever.

Norbert Jr, for not breaking down and leaving me stranded by the road ever.

My job, for having it and having on the the greatest bosses in the world.

Rob Pattinson for gracing my dreams last night for the first, but hopefully not the last time.

My friends, for giving me countless hugs and laughs especially when I need it most.

My ipod, for keeping me sane because without constant music, I'd be dead.

My ever-so-lovely blogging girls who not only enterain and inspire me daily, but whose comments make my day.

Happy Thanksgiving ladies!!


SJ said...

"Rob Pattinson for gracing my dreams last night for the first, but hopefully not the last time."

Hahahaha, oh my goodness. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Alexandria said...

Robert dreams are always awesome. I had one where we went to Disneyland and made out on the Pirates of the Carribean ride...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

uhski said...

lucky. my grandpa was in my dreams last night. =/

Mar said...

Gah, I wish Rob would come haunt my dreams some time :)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Alice said...

Your cat plays fetch?? haha! Cute!

I love Rob dreams!!