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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Oh Honey, You Know Me It's All Or None"

Title: Missy Higgins -"Where I Stood"

Hi. My name is Vanessa and I've sucked at blogging lately. I've been missing, but not missing at all. I've been reading blogs but just haven't gotten around to writing anything. I was sick. again. I'm always sick. Luckily I'm on antibiotics and feeling mostly better.

Let's talk about one of my favorite days of the entire year since it is upon us. Not Thanksgiving, though it is one of my favorite holidays...

Black Friday!!! Wooohoooooo!

LOVE this day. Now let's get this straight. I'm not a fan of crowds or rude people, but I put this aside for one day of year just for the amazing sales. It is a yearly tradition for my sister and I. We have done it for multiple years now. We sit around on Thanksgiving, spreading out all the ads, cutting all the coupons, making a list of all the places we need to go and making a map of the day. After dinner we relax and then get ready and head out. Our Black Friday shopping starts at midnight. We usually shop all night and during the day. Usually by lunch time I've had my fill. Vanessa + lack of sleep + rude people= grouchy, bitchy, ready-to-snap Vanessa.

By the end of the day, our car is packed to the brim with bags and boxes.

I know it is crazy but it is once a year and totally worth it for the sales.

Anyone else braving the crowds on Friday for the sales? What time are you starting your shopping extravaganza?


SJ said...

Have so much fun on Black Friday! I'll be working, unfortunately!

I'm Sara-Jane, by the way. I love your blog!

uhski said...

Ahh if only I had money to go shopping. I'm not a huge shopper on normal days though I think I would punch someone in the face on Black Friday. I best leave it to professionals like you. =] I was missing, too. And also sick... weird. Feel better and I'm glad you are back. I, however, am still lacking initiative to post anything. Haha.

Alexandria said...

Dude sorry you have been sick. I missed you!

You are crazy. Sorry but anyone who willingly throws themselves into Black Friday is a little off...and I love you for it!

You are FAR more brave than I. On Friday I will online shop and that will be it.

Go forth and find epic sales...and them rub them in my face so I feel lame for staying in on Friday instead of shopping my boo-tay off!

love ya & missed ya!

Mar said...

Mornin', Mariaana (Mar) here :)
We don't have black Friday over here, however, we do have Midnight Christmas Shopping (usually one week before Christmas), where ALL the shops are open from 9 am to midnight. And believe, living in a place where stores usually close at 5 in the afternoon, it's a pretty amazing experience :)
Anyway, you have fun and fill up that trunk!

Tara said...

Hey girl! Missed ya, but I completely understand. I haven't been a great blogger lately. I love love Black Friday. My ex and I used to go at 4am. The hubby isn't as into it though. We won't go this year cuz we'll be out of town, but I'm hoping I can get him to start going next year. Have fun and get lots of good stuff!

amanda leeann said...

booo for being sick!

and due, amanda totes loves her some black friday. i don't start at midnight [the stores that open at midnight around here are an hour away] but for me to be on break from school, i get up pretty dang early!

i hate crowds too, but it's sooo worth it!

Brittany said...

Aw. I'm glad you're feeling better! :)

I'm so going and braving the crowds. My mom and I do it every year! YAY! I still don't know why exactly. We don't buy toys and I hate trying on clothes. So I usually get really disappointed. Haha!

Happy Thanksgiving!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Sara-Jane: I'm so sorry to hear you'll be working. I make sure I fight to get off every year. I asked off for Friday months ago. It's serious business. haha. 8)

Sarah: I feel you. I have a Christmas club that sets back a little bit of money every other week throughout the year, that way I don't have to scramble now. I contemplate punching people and often. I have my elbows ready to knock people out of the way. It's a great way to get aggression out. I hope you are feeling better and back soon! I've missed you!

Alexandria: I've missed you~! I am crazy, I can admit it. But it's one day and I can accept that. It's totes a thrill. I will make sure I report back my findings! Love you!

Mar: Welcome to my blog! New followers always make my day! 8) I'm sad to hear you don't have Black Friday. It is quite an experience. I can't believe shops close at 5? That would drive me nuts. I will report back about my experience!

Tara: I've missed you too! I hope you convince the hubs to go out! The sales are totallllly worth it!

Amanda: Boo is right! Yeah the midnight madness is at the outlets which is about 40 mins away. We've went the last 2 years but not sure if we are going to start there this year. We'll see. It IS sooo worth it! I look forward to seeing what you bought!!

Brittany: I would pay to see my mom go out and brave the crowds. Haha. Instead it's a sister thing in my family. My mom hates shopping, she doesn't even do Christmas shopping for us anymore, she gives us money and we buy the presents. Works for me! I hope you find things that don't disappoint you this year! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

Lauren said...

Black Friday is srsly like a guilty pleasure for me. I can stand the crowds and craziness for one day, and I love it! I don't even go the days or sometimes even weeks after Christmas. I will be braving the crowds starting at like 4 am Friday and I can't wait!

Alice said...

I am sorry you've been sick and glad you are feeling better!

I am totes jealous that you are going Black Friday shopping. I have to be on the road to Tucson at 9am so that means I'll have to pack all morning. Yes I pack the morning of a big trip because I am a freakin' nut. Okay that's not it. It's cause I'm super busy from now until then. anywho. Please post about your sure to be Epic haul of goodness. so i can live through you. :D