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Thursday, November 5, 2009

"I Love This Record Baby But I Can't See Straight Anymore"

Title: Lady Gaga - "Just Dance"

As promised this is my 3rd and last Halloween recap post and then I'm ready to say goodbye to Halloween until next year (after I upload all the pics on facebook, my friends are getting anxious since I'm the only one not to post yet)

The party was amazing.  The decorations were out of this world.  My fav part was the fog machine.  Not just any fog machine.  I fog machine that made bubbles and when they popped, fog came out.  I amused me all night.  Let's meet all the characters who graced us with their presence:

The naughty nurse with her dead victim.  She tried to revive him all night with no such luck.

The one and only Sweeny Todd. 

King Diamond of course.

The big, bad wolf

Flo from Progressive, DISCOUNT!

Ash from Evil Dead.  Thank God he came, he needed to save everyone from the dreaded zombies.

And by dreaded zombies, that was us.

We originally were going to go as contestants from Legends of the Hidden Temple, but helmets are crazy expensive so we went for zombies.  It was a lot of funny and very messy.

There was many other people there with some kick butt costumes, these are just my group of friends I've included.

We talked, we laughed, we danced, we beer-ponged, we laughed, and we danced some more (mostly to Lady Gaga).  All in all, one of the best Halloween's I've ever had!

Thank you Meghan for the winning idea!

Until next year!!!


Alexandria said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the Flo costume. Now that is sheer brilliance!

Brittany said...

You looked very scary! Like you should have been working at a haunted house! Lol

The Flo costume was super cute.

Meghan O said...

Oh cool!! You guys made great zombies!! You look all "I want to eat your brains" haha =)

Tara said...

you guys make freaking awesome zombies!

Anna said...

Looks like a great party! Did your fog smell weird? I always think fog machines smell like maple syrup!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Thank you ladies! I'm glad I looked like I wanted to eat brains, it was fun being scary this year! 8)

Anna-Maple Syrup?! HAHA! I've never heard that before. Ya know, I don't remember if it smelled weird or not. I was in there for so many hours, I can't remember if it smelled when we came in or not.

uhski said...

Haha my friend Sleeter and I were the Purple Parrots from Legends of the Hidden Temple 3 years ago! It was so much fun and didn't hurt if I fell down cuz I was wearing knee pads and a helmet! =]