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Sunday, November 8, 2009

"What A Shame To Have To Beg You To See We're Not All The Same"

Title: Shinedown - "What A Shame"

Warning: Rant about to commence.

This week has been a long, long, hard week.  I've been overwhelmed with homework and tests and I've basically surrounded my life with school this week.  It's been hell.  I worked for hours upon hours on a paper one night and a project and did not get home until late.  Vito got off work late and came in the house with flowers.  I asked him why and he said "No reason." *swoon*.  I love getting flowers and it is even better if there is no reason for getting them.  It was great right?

So I updated my status on facebook to say "Vanessa loves to get flowers for no reason <3"

I get on the next day to many of my girlfriends "liking" my status or saying how cute it was.  One girl friend, who I adore and love to have fun with, also commented on my status.  She said "Boy, you can tell you aren't married! LOL"

Now normally I would laugh it off, but honestly I was completely offended.  This woman is having and has been having problems with her husband who puts plenty of other things in front of her and their kids.  She knows this, admits it, but stays with him.  I am offended that she assumes that because her husband doesn't treat her the same, Vito will obviously change once we say "I do."

Vito is the most caring man I've ever met and for her to put him down like that and our relationship, it just really bugged me.  It's stupid to be upset, I'll let it go but it just stings.  This man I will spend the rest of my life with so I know things change over time but his sweetest and willingness to love me and go out of his way to show he cares, I don't think that will ever change.

So what do you think, am I just overacting or would you be offended too?


uhski said...

OMG I was watching a TV show and someone asked an old lady what the secret to marriage was and she said "stay away from eachother" and it got me thinking the same way!! I don't have a boyfriend right now really since Max is in Japan but I felt the same way you do.

I just choose to ignore those comments the best I can because I want to believe that people can be happy and love one another forever. I mean my parents have been married for like a billion years and my sister just got married and is really happy.

So NO you are not overreacting. =]

amanda leeann said...

i mean...it's rude. i think once you've been married so long, you see an ulterior motive in everything. my parents have been married 27 years, and my dad tries. but my mom has a hard time accepting nice gestures, since he didn't do something he was supposed to last week, and so on. frankly, it's annoying.

just let it slide, and know that you're happy and she's not =]

Three Crafty Biiitches said...
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Alexandria said...

First, love the new background! It is cuteness!!

I would say she didn't mean any harm in her comment! Maybe a little jealous that she isn't happy in her relationship and you and Vito are!

I would say let it slide and bask in the fact that you have a man who you love, and obviously loves you enough to send you flowers just because!

Oh and I hear you with the school thing! I am about to lose my mind with all of the work I have to do..we are officially dumb for picking Psychology as our major! Dumb, dumb girls!! lol

Oh and I left the comment under my craft blog not mine! thats why I deleted it! lol...having two blogs is confusing!!

Tara said...

Yes, I would be offended even though she didn't mean to offend you. You know I'm a newlywed (3 months today!) and I hate when people are like "Oh you won't always be this happy" or comments like that. I married this man because we are happy and because we communicate, so yes, although things will not always be perfect, we will make it through maturely."

As per usual girl, I am on your same page.

Anonymous said...

I would probably be a little hurt as well. But don't believe it. My husband still brings me flowers for no reason. :) There's no light switch that turns on when you get married. I'm sure he'll treat you the same way. :)