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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 Day You Challenge {7 Wants}

I'll just pretend here that it isn't November 1st (?!?!) and continue with the 10 day challenge!

7 Wants

Win the Powerball
This would take care of the following wants & more.

Pay off student loans
The amount of stress this would relieve from Vito & I's life.

Buy our first house.
I can't wait to share a house of our own.
That I can decorate however I want.
& host parties and dinners.
A place of our own.

Have the beautiful wedding that we both dream of.
Weddings cost SO much money, even if you are trying to do it on a budget.
To be able to have the wedding we want without having to sacrifice eating for the next year or 3?
Yes please.

Buy a DSLR camera
I LOVE taking pictures.
& I'd love to learn more about photography by shooting with a DSLR.
Because sometimes my point & shoot just doesn't cut it.

There is so much world out there.
So much to see.
So much to experience.
It is calling my name.

Finding the perfect job.
Now that I have a degree, I want to find a job that I enjoy.
One that lets me help others.
One that is rewarding.

Let's hear about your wants!


BigAppleNosh said...

Great post! :)

Karm said...

Your wants about sums up my wants. Oh to have the student loans paid off... why did I ever get em? ): haha Love your list. Happy 1st day of november

Kathy S said...

All great things to want :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

happy november! just got my #1 want...moving back into our house after a devestating flood. i think nov will be the best month yet!

Recently Roached said...

This is such a great idea. :) I need to do this! Your list is great. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is fab!!

rebecca said...

love these lofty goals! great idea.

Mar said...

Europe is calling your name, girl! If, no, WHEN you win the powerball you need to get over here asap!
And then you can take your new DSLR with you and take lots and lots and lots of pictures and it will be bliss :)


Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

Can I just get one of all those too! Kthnx!