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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Christmas...

We should talk about this.
I believe in equal celebrations for EACH holiday.
Usually this isn't a problem for people, as it seems others agree.
We don't seem to be putting out easter eggs before Valentine's Day.
No flags for 4th of July before Easter.
No Turkeys before Halloween.
But Christmas items before Thanksgiving?
Somehow this is okay for some people.

Christmas music in the stores.
People decorating.
I just can't get behind this.
What about Thanksgiving?
I feel Thanksgiving is getting shafted.
He wants to be celebrated too.
So Christmas, back off!
Black Friday will be here soon and you will get a month of celebration!
Turkey Day is only asking for a bit of recognition too.

At least Nordstrom is on board with me.

Please tell me Nordstrom and myself not alone here.
Anyone else big Thanksgiving Day fans and believe in celebrating it before getting caught up in Christmas?


Connie said...

HAHA! I LOVE IT! Yes, I feel so bad for Thanksgiving. I don't decorate or anything but I have snuck the occasional Christmas song in. NO movies yet though! That's what black friday-Dec 25 is for (:

I'm with you on this.

Mar said...

We don't have Thanksgiving over here (no sheets, no Thanksgiving, what do we have?!), but in Holland we celebrate Sinterklaas on 5 December (more on that in a post on my blog later) and it annoys me to no end that Christmas is sneaking up on us earlier and earlier each year. Here in Norway, they are alright, no Christmas decorations in the shops until November, but I remember in Holland, shops would be putting up Christmas decorations (for sale) as early as the end of September. It makes me want to shake my fist in rage.

So yes, I'm with you :)

Karm said...

I know what you mean. And that leaves me with no decorating until after Thanksgiving hehe

Mel said...

I agree with you 125%!

brlracincwgrl said...

You are absolutely not alone! Some stores where I live have had Christmas Decorations out since the first of October, too early!

Dree said...

Love this sign! I feel bad for Thanksgiving, but I am a Christmas celebrator to the max. In Ireland we don't have Thanksgiving, so I think I'm justified in shooting right to Christmas post-Halloween. I hope!

Heather said...

That just makes me want to shop at Nordstrom! Thanksgiving IS getting the shaft...and that's why I refuse to put up ANY Christmas decorations til' the day after Thanksgiving. One day at a time people!

meghan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I agree with no decorating yet for Christmas. It is so so early. I feel like this is earlier than it's ever been before. Soon they're going to start putting them out before Halloween. I like that Nordstrom isn't decorating, and the fact that they put up that sign shows that so many places are really doing it this early...so strange!

And yes, Thanksgiving must feel slighted. I need to put out my cornucopia.

mic said...

oh man, i am totally guilty of getting a head start on christmas! i'm doing a practice thanksgiving this weekend with some friends though, so i'll make sure turkey day gets some love. :)

Brittany said...

I totally agree - I cannot have anything Christmas before Thanksgiving! It just messes with my mojo! We're actually going out of town for Thanksgiving & while I would love to come home to a house ready for Christmas, I just cannot make myself put up our decorations before we leave, 2 days before Thanksgiving.

Oh how I love the Nordstrom sign!

Krystal said...

LOL am loving this post! Thanks for commenting on my blog - now following yours ;D

Meghan O said...

finally someone agrees with me! Now I LOVE Christmas, but I'm a huge supporter of each holiday having it's own time and not celebrating one over another. NO christmas music, movies, decorations, anything until the day after Thanksgiving at the very least! I want to wait until December 1st but I can understand just after thanksgiving.

Bri said...

i hear ya, i like one holiday at a time toooo. but i do love the few christmas lights i've seen on my drive home.

instead of putting up a sign, maybe stores like nordstroms could actually create some thanks giving spirit by decorating fall/thanksgiving(ish)? that would be pretty fun :)