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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"But If Either One Exists Well That's Fine By Me"

Title: City & Colour - "Make Believe"

You know, sometimes two people get into a disagreement.
One person believes they are in the norm.
The other person holds the same belief.
They can't both be right.

Well friends, this is happening between Vito & I right now.
We both hold different opinions on who is the normal one.
How will we know which one is correct?
Well obviously, we take it to the blog for a vote.

Easy Peasy.

Now I'll give you to two different options.
Vito will not let me tell you which side we are each one because he thinks there will be bias.
Silly boy.

So when you crawl into bed at night when it is cold outside, do you:

Option A:

You lay down, pull a sheet on top of you and then pile blankets on top.


Option B:

You forgo the sheet on top when it is cold out and cover up solely with blankets.

If you pick the wrong one, I will end our bloggy friendships.
Just Kidding!
Maybe... ;)

So let's here it!


Karm said...

I sleep with a sheet on top and then pile on blankets... Please tell me I am normal!!

Jenny said...

I say Option A... Thats how I am at least!

I see where both can be correct... Depending on if you are hot or cold natured!

Mar said...

I don't have sheets and blankets, just a duvet (that might be an European thing...) so I can't help you out here, sorry :) (isn't this a neat way of getting out of this?)

Jessica Marie said...

Definitely Option A for me!

Meghan O said...

I opt for option A. Here's the reason: I think of my sheet as just a much thinner version of a blanket so it's kind of like I'm putting all my blankets on. If you ditch the sheet you don't get the added warmth from it.

Rebecca said...

Definitely sheet and blankets. I have to have my toes poke out though or they get claustrophobic!

Brittany said...

Ha - I love this survey! I have to have a sheet & then blankets... In the summertime, in the south's heat, I could totally only sleep with a sheet but the hubs HAS to have a blanket over us (& by blanket, I mean comforter) - so we use a 'summer bedspread' when it's miserably hot & a thick 'winter bedspread' when it's cold!

Annie Cristina said...

I sleep with the sheets, comforter, and cat (!) piled all on top of me. I even hide my head under the blankets. Yes, I'm an ostrich.

Heather said...

I'm option A, a sheet THEN blankets. But I'm that way all year round, weird?!

Connie said...

I always have a sheet over first...more layers, more warmth! That's how I see it, anyway (:

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

Option A! Sheets and then blankets! That's just how it is!