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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Results: Vanessa vs. Vito {Round 1}

I'm dragging here on this Tuesday morning.
Even my coffee hasn't brought me out of this fog I'm in.
Hence the lack of creativity in the title.

I feel it has been long enough since I put up my poll that I should post which side it seems ALL of you are on.

Sheets then blankets.
This is the norm.
For Vito.

That's right, it seems I am the odd one out here.
Two words:
When I have the choice of touching a sheet on the soft, fuzziness of a blanket, I choose the blanket.

I bought a king sized fuzzy blanket at Target 2 years ago on Black Friday.
(Best purchase ever, by the way. $20 for every size. Every member of my immediate family owns one. Even Vito.)
I lay on part of it and wrap the other part around me.
Vito calls it my burrito.
So yes, I don't even sleep on the fitted sheet.
I also feel like the sheets make me colder than with blankets.

I only sleep with a sheet in the summer time because me and being hot do not mix for sleeping.

So for now, I will except defeat.
Vito wins.
I am not normal.
Please love me through it?


Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

Such a weirdo! Haha

heather said...

too funny! it is totally a toss-up for me. if i'm cold, i rock the fleece blanket burrito. if not, sheet then blanket. maybe i'm not normal... :)

Karm said...

muahaha, I was so sure you liked to put the sheet on first then the blankets. But if it helps everyone else at my parents sleep with fuzzy warm blankets without a bed sheet... (:

Kell said...

Can I still side with you? In the winter I sleep on top of my quilt, with another quilt over me. My sheets are still on the bed, I just don't sleep under them. They're too cold!

JB said...

maybe not normal, but def genius!

Heather said...

A blanket burrito? Hmm, interesting, haha. I would definitely get too hot wrapped up like that!