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Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?"

Go here and watch this now. It'll make your day if you love the Muppets as much as I do.

P.S. Black Friday findings coming soon!

P.S.S. I love to send Christmas cards. Seriously, it is one of my favorite things. I've already got my list ready at home and I'd love to send some to you all too! If you'd like to receive one, email me your address! V5L2T4@yahoo.com I promise not to use it for stalker purposes or anything. 8)

P.S.S.S. Only 15 more days until I'm done with finals!!! Woot Woot!


I need a countdown ASAP. Team Peeta!

P.S.S.S.S.S. I love P.S.'s, they are fun.


Meghan O said...

I knew exactly what you were going to link to when i saw the title and picture ;) So great!

I may have to do this send Christmas cards to your blogging friends because there are so many people out there doing it! =)

YAY fall semester almost done!!!

AND Oh My Gosh The Hunger Games 3!!! I can't wait =D =D All kinds of excellence!!

ps. PS's are fun

amanda leeann said...

i got your email, and i'll be replying shortly!

and omg...i didn't think it would be out until late next year. dear peeta, please be ok!

Alice said...

I LURVE P.S.'s. I use them all the time.

I suck at sending Christmas cards. We didn't even take a family picture this year. I'm telling you I SUCKS. (TWSS)

Mar said...

First of all - LOVE the muppets ever since Sandra Bullock was on the show and they did that 'Ma-na-ma-na' song :) (And yes, now I will have that in my head all day long...) But this was better! Whenever I feel a bit blah, I just watch this 'cause it makes me laugh!
Second, I love getting
mail/Christmas cards, so an email is on it's way :) So exciting!
And PS - good luck with finals!

SJ said...

Yay for almost being done with finals! Good luck, gf!

uhski said...

LOVE THE MUPPETS!!! Good luck on finals! =]