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Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 101

This award is meant to be awarded to bloggers that make you smile. :)

The Rules:
1. List 10 things that make you happy.
2. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.

10 Things Making Me Happy:
1. My love, Vito. He never fails to make me happy. He goes out of his way to do whatever he can just to put a smile on my face. Never has a day passed by where he doesn't tell me he loves me and how beautiful I am to him. Never has a day passed by where I haven't thanked God for putting him in my life.
2. My beautiful niece. Haven't heard me gloat about her enough? I could go on and on. She is the sunshine in my life and no one on this earth means as much to me as she does. My life would not be the same and I owe that to her. She came into this world when my world was dark and light up my life. Her hugs, kisses, and "I love you Essa" makes everything better.
3. Music. I do not go through a day without it blasting. Morning, noon, and night (literally while I sleep) music is always on. It has gotten me through some rough times. I love to sing and hopefully one day I'll learn to play an instrument.
4. Finding a lovely sale. Nothing like saving money to create happiness. I'm a poor college kid, I need every penny.
5. Starbucks. They never fail to make me happy. In the winter or the summer. Nothing like getting a good drink and having long chats with friends.
6. Christmas Cards, sending and receiving. I literally squealed when I received my first one yesterday in the mail.
7. Having such a close relationship with my sister. She's the motivation that backs me and someone I constantly look up to. Even though we are 10 years apart, it doesn't seem like that. She's one of my best friends and I can't imagine life without her. No one understands you like your sister.
8. Christmas parties. I just had one last weekend at my grandfather's house. It was small but spending time with him is always wonderful. Tonight some friends and I are going out to dinner to celebrate before things get crazy busy. Nothing like this time of year to bring everyone back together.
9. Wrapping presents. I can't tell you how excited I get to wrap. I get all serious, put on my Christmas music, get out the ribbon and start curling! It is serious business and I do it when I'm not going to be interrupted. It is a peaceful time for me to get into the spirit.
10. Finally being done with finals!!!!!!!!! Knowing it was not my finest semester in my academic career, I am just glad I survived with all passing grades.

I can't believe I can only pick 10 blogs since all of you make me smile, but I'll follow the rules if I must.

Sarah from The Color Plaid
Amanda from Amanda's Musings
Elizabeth from E Tells Tales

These ladies are fabulous and never fail to make my day better either on here or on Twitter. Check them out and enjoy their wonderfulness like I do!


Tara said...

I love your list! My nieces make me smile like nothing else. I've been wrapping presents all week. I love it and how the tree looks when it has wrapped gifts underneath it.

And you knowwww I feel ya on being done with finals. This was also not my best semester. Congrats girl!

Jenny said...

Your the best for always tagging me! And I just love your blog!!!!

Brittany said...

You more than deserve this award! :)

I'm glad we're still friends..if it makes you feel better my Santa on a tractor bit the dust after about a week! :( Haha.

And they better feel super special if we invite! Since we should be party planners and all! :)

Um..sales and everything Christmas makes me super super happy too!

And reading your blog of course! :)

Meghan O said...

I <3 Happy things =)

Yay for happy blogs! Your blog is wonderful too! thank you for the tag =D

And from your posts about your niece, she is just the cutest little girl

Anna said...

awww thanks! I am officially on xmas break as of 5:30 tonight so I have lots of stuff to be happy about :) I love wrapping presents too, my mom sets up a secret "wrapping station" in the basement. I get carried away and then end up freezing cause it's cold down there!

Alexandria said...

Thanks m'dear!I heart you!!

Um. Nieces are amazing. I love them.

Can I send you my gifts and you can wrap them? I hate wrapping gifts!

Yay for finals being over! I could scream I am so happy!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I loved reading your list! I am so glad finals are over, too!

Mar said...

Pretty awesome list, if you ask me!
And thanks for tagging me :)
You are a sweetheart!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Tara- Well since I'm snowed in my house and it ruined my plans, I will be wrapping the presents I do have today. It does make the tree look so much better. YAY for being done with finals!!

Jenny- Aww thanks! I love your blog too! 8)

Brittany- Aww honey. I do feel better that there is one less inflatable in the world. Haha. They will feel special or they won't come. We are going to be the best party planners in existence. Reading your blog always makes my day! <3

Meghan- No problem! Thanks for the comment about my niece. I must concur. 8)

Anna- YAY for being on break! A wrapping station? How awesome. I usually set everything up on the living room floor so I can sprawl out. I love it!

Alex- I heart you big! Nieces are amazing. I'm glad I've found someone that loves her niece as much as I do. Yes please send me your gifts and I will wrap them! I love it! Scream you are so happy? Hah. I sent my last final and proposal via email in at midnight and then proceeded to dance around my living room like a fool for the next 10 minutes. That is how happy I was! Haha

SJ- Thanks honey! YAY for finals being over and for Christmas break!!

Mar- Well thank you! I adore you! 8)

Elizabeth said...

Hooray! I'm so flattered I brighten your day...just doin' my job :)

uhski said...

Haha I'm so glad that I brighten our dayyyyy and I am seriously going to do this because I have been in a bad mood because of my body's refusal to stay healthy and need to remind myself of things that make me happy. =]

Amanda said...

Oh yeowza do I ever love the feeling of being done with finals! I have a full fantastic month long break from college. I hope you spend your break doing what you should be doing...which is, of course, relaxing!

Marissa said...

I love Christmas cards too :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Elizabeth- And what a fantastic job you do! 8)

Sarah- YAY I'm looking forward to reading your list!

Amanda- Oh if only break was full of relaxation. More like back to working full time. Oh well, at least in the evenings I don't have to worry about homework. 8)

Marissa- They are the best and totally brighten my day!