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Monday, December 14, 2009

"So Go On, Go On Be Your Own, Go On Be Your Own Star"

Title: Blue October - "What If We Could"

After much contemplation on the Twitter situation I finally made my decision. Feedback varied from people not caring for it to addicted people, some telling me to get it and some telling me FB is way better. Well, I broke down and got one.

I'm still learning. I must admit, it is pretty fun. We'll see how long it lasts. 8)

On another note, it is finals week. BLAH. So posting will likely be light this week due to devoting my life to the gigantic load of work between tomorrow and Friday.

Lastly, to the ladies I'm sending Christmas cards to, they will be out in the mail this week! They are made out, I'm just waiting to get stamps tonight so be on the look out!



Tara said...

My finals were last week, so I feel for ya! Good luck!

Meghan O said...

Good Luck on finals!!

Yay Christmas cards! I'll keep my eye out =)

Brittany said...

Good luck on finals dear!

Amanda said...

am totally in the finals mode as well. Doesn't it make life crappy?!

Here's to a low stress week for the both of us!

Jenn with 2 N's said...

good luck on finals! we'll have to become twitter friends now that you have one. i hated it at first, and was really nervous about it (you can go back and find the post if you don't believe me) but now i love it.

and i absolutely love being a YL leader! it's awesome.

katrina lauren said...

oooh. sending out christmas cards gives such a warm feeling....written and sent away with love!
for the record there was indeed wine at my cookie baking saturday!
enjoy baking this weekend & good luck on finalS!
happy holidays!

Elizabeth said...

Update me in another month if you like it or not :)

Alyssa said...

Boo for finals week.
Yay for Twitter.

SJ said...

I am so excited for Christmas cards! I am glad you like Twitter, it really is so much fun!

uhski said...

Good luck on finals, love. And I'm glad you got a twitter!!!!!!! =]