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Monday, December 7, 2009

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

That is my question at least.

I'm perplexed. So I turn to your ladies, you've never steered me wrong before.

I have a myspace (which barely use) and I have a facebook (which I often use to stalk keep up with people's lives). But I don't have a twitter. None of my friends have Twitter so I pretty much put it out of my mind.

Now I see it everywhere in the blog world and I kinda feel like I'm missing out. Am I?

I'm contemplating getting one but I'm still unsure. Vito is utterly opposed but like that matters. 8)

So tell me, do you have Twitter? Love it? Hate it? Tell me to get it or stay faaaaar away.

P.S. I am still getting together my stuff to send out Christmas cards like I talked about here. If you still want to receive one, send me your address!! V5L2T4 @ yahoo . com


Marissa said...

I use twitter, and I love it! follow me: marissahm

The Daughter said...

I don't know either! That was probably the most useless comment ever but hey... A girl can always use other confused friends to complain with!

Brittany said...

I have a Twitter. (sbandbeau)

But I use my Facebook more than Twitter. But I don't link my Facebook since it has my last name and my family and all. I think about protection sometimes during this blogging process. Haha.

However. It's fun and if I talked to more people on their I'd prolley like it better. But I don't know anyone IRL on their so..yeah.

After my complete non sense I don't think I really helped. I don't even understand it. Lol

Have a great day doll! :)

Tara said...

I am not a twitter-er. It's one of those things I just refuse to get into, like Twilight. ;) Nobody in my real life uses it and although I see it all over the blog world, I don't think I have enough people that care about my blog to actually read my Twitter.

However, I fully support you if you decide to become a Twitter-er...Twit?...Twitter user? Eh, I don't know! HaHa Cuz thats what good (blog) friends are for.

Alexandria said...

I always SWORE that I would never have a Twitter...and then I broke down and got it! I am addicted!

No on I know in real life is on there but it is a great way to get to know the people who follow your blog! It is so much fun!! I say get one but beware because it will take over your life!

Jenny said...

I have a twitter but don't use it much.. I deleted my myspace cause I NEVER got on it... I am in love with FB!

Anna said...

I have never even been to twitter.com (is that the website where it is?) I have no idea how it works. I admit that it is probably useful for throwing out a random question and getting tons of useful advice back..but do I really need to become addicted to another website/network???? ummmm no. I can't afford one more thing to feel guilty about wasting time on! plus I do not have one of those fancy schmancy internet phones. That's my take. I am already falling behind in technology, how bad is it going to be when I have kids???? i will be the uncool mom. haha.

Meghan O said...

I do indeed have a twitter. I would say I go on there more often then I need to. I do follow some blogging friends and like to update it once or twice a day.
If you don't want a twitter, it's not a big deal. I have real life friends who I follow and who follow me, not many, but a few.
I follow a few celebs on there, some are not very interesting though so it might not be worth it.
Totes up to you whether you want one or not, no one will be angry if you don't, but if you do I'm MEO18. You can follow me and I'll follow you =)

Marci Darling said...

I have twitter (marcidarling)

but I'm still figuring out how to use it...I use facebook and blogs wayyy more though!

uhski said...

I have a twitter (uhski) but haven't been using it as much. I basically just stalk famous people. =]

Kellie said...

Tweet! Do it! :) It gives you a good chance to really get to know your bloggy friends.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i really don't like twitter. i don't understand it. i have one, but i rarely use it. i don't feel the need to constantly tell people what i am doing.

but that's just meee! there are a ton of people who LOVE it.

just try it and see!

SJ said...

I love love LOVE Twitter!

Elizabeth said...

I don't have twitter, but I sort of feel like I'm missing out. Sometimes there are just little things that I'd like to say that aren't worth a whole post on the blog. Maybe I'll debate this too :)

Alyssa said...

Looooove Twitter!! You don't have to have friends who have it to still enjoy it; there are tons of celebrities who like to use it, and it's really funny sometimes to read their tweets. Also, a lot (and by that I mean almost all) websites have their own Twitter now, so if you follow any particular ones, they'll update their twitter when they post something new. I use it to keep up to date in the Twilight fandom ;)
You should get one!