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Monday, October 5, 2009

I Don't Even Have A Good Title, That's How Worked Up I Am...

Please proceed with caution: very controversial post ahead.

So as I'm catching up on my Google Reader info (1000+ unread items, geeeez), I came across Penelope Trunk's newest blog posts from a few days ago. Now some of here stuff is interesting so I keep it there and browse through from time to time. Now today I come across her post about her interview about a tweet she did (FYI, I don't have twitter, obvi I'm missing out.) and has now caused an uproar. Here's her tweet:


After I first read this, I reread it again because I was convinced what I read wasn't correct. What kind of person can post such a thing, from work? Seriously? Now first of all, I am against abortions being legal for any other reason than rape, incest, or saving the life of the mother in the case that both mother and baby would die, and these are EXTREMELY touchy issues. Now this being said, I would like to think this tweet is disturbing to anyone whether they support abortion or not.

Penelope finds what she did a good thing, thinking that women need to talk more about these issues. It sickens me that she makes it seem that talks about miscarriages should be lunch table discussions or facebook statuses. For most (apparently not all since she is practically rejoicing), having a miscarriage is a horrible situation. I have known couples who go through multiple miscarriages before being able to carry a baby to full term and the emotional strain on the woman and her partner can be immense.

As someone who works with all men, I'm absolutely positive and would bet everything I had that none of these men would want to hear about my miscarriage or abortion. Not. A. Single. One. Nor do I want to hear about their manly problems. I do not believe it makes me a stronger woman to be able to basically brag about having a miscarriage at work and then back it up with numbers saying plenty of women start having miscarriages every day at work. Seriously? Now let me say that if a woman needs to talk about it because she's upset and needs emotional support, I totally understand and support this, but talking about it because you believe everyone should know you are having a miscarriage right now and couldn't be happier, no.

The fact that she was offended when others said miscarriages are gross and she relates it to menstrual blood and sex during periods is absurd. Really? This is how she backs up her choices? Oh, and I loved how she brings in the Pope, backing up miscarriages being better than abortions. How can one compare these 2 things and say one is better?

I'm not outraged like I apparently should be that the waiting period for an abortion is 3 weeks in WI. It is a major life decision ending a child's life and all, not birth control. I don't really care that the odds of her getting pregnant were slim because she is older, people defy the odds every day.

Here is her pitiful interview from CNN in case you have any desire to hear her complain about driving to Chicago and rejoice that she had a miscarriage. I can't gt the video to embed so please follow the link:


It is days like today where I am literally sick and disgusted by others who are also human beings who are suppose to having a beating heart.


Alexandria said...

Whoa...that is intense. I had not heard anything about this woman or her tweet! Crazy stuff...

I agree that this is sick...I cannot believe someone would actually post that...it is awful.

I also totally respect you for standing up for your beliefs! I love people who have strong convictions and stand up for them!

I however am pro-choice. Would I get an abortion? No. Do I judge those who do? Sometimes. Do I think it is a woman's right to choose? Yes.

This Penelope women gives all women a BAD name...and I am repulsed for sure!

We can still be blog friends even though we believe different things right?!

amanda leeann said...

jeez. the things people come up with. didn't watch her interview-don't really want to. abortion is such a gray area. i hate that people use it for birth control. hi, there are these things called pills & condoms. i think our views are pretty close tho.

Tara said...

I just watched the video. Seriously, this woman is a joke. She seems like she just wants the attention.
And this is why I don't have Twitter.

Jenny said...

This is crazy... What is wrong with people? And to post that on Twitter... Crazy...

Alice said...

I am in shock. I can't believe she would tweet that. That is beyond horrible. I'm disgusted.

amy said...

That is terrible!!