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Monday, October 26, 2009

"This Is Halloween, Everybody Make A Scene"

Title: Tim Burton - "This Is Halloween"

Halloween has to be my second favorite holiday ever. Hands down I LOVE Halloween.

Back story: I never celebrated Halloween until I hit middle school.  I never went trick-or-treating until I was 12.  My sperm donor (the name for my "father" I refuse to call him that because so many people have good things attached to that word and there is nothing good about this man) was strictly religious with us growing up.  I'm talking I couldn't watch most disney movies because they contained magic and magic was for the devil... my sister and I could not wear black because black was the color of the devil... Halloween focused on witches and satanic worship so we were not allowed to celebrate. Nuts right? Pretty much...

Once I was allowed to celebrate Halloween, I realized how amazing it is. I mean really, what other time a year do you have an excuse to dress up and eat as much candy as you can? Not that excuses are needed.. 8)

One of my favorite movies:

Nightmare before Christmas. LOVE it.

Now here lies my problem and I need your help!  I have a costume party to attend on Saturday. Do I have a costume?! Nope... I'm falling behind.  Neither does Vito.  We suck.  Now it would be nice to just go to the Halloween store and pick something up but that isn't going to be cool enough.

This group of friends goes all out. I mean thinking about costumes waaaaay ahead of time and getting good ones! One of them is going to be Flo from Progressive... Another guy is going to be Sweeny Todd. Really, these people are amazing.  Showing up as a ghost or little bo peep just isn't going to cut it. I need something good... amazing... knock your socks off awesome.

Any ideas?! Are you ladies dressing up?


Meghan O said...

My costume is being taken care of for me at the haunted house so it's going to be super scary!

What if you went like a zombie? If you had some dark make-up and fake blood. Maybe take some old clothes or go to Salvation Army and pick up something that you could rip apart. That way you and Vito could both be them, a zombie couple!

Alexandria said...

Hmmm...I am so not good with Halloween costumes! So I am trying to think...

I am always a fan of couples who dress up as Lucy and Ricky from 'I Love Lucy'...or if you are a reality tv whore like myself...do Kim and Big Papa from The Real Housewives of Atlanta...that would be HILAR!

A 30 minute drive to W&S I can deal with...the switch is still on!!

Alice said...

My friends went to a costume party last year as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. SOOO funny! Other than the wigs she got everything at the Goodwill. Oh and she used ballons or something for the boobs. I can't remember what was in there. haha

Alice said...

oh and last year my Rock and I went as Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. I wore a trashy dress with a pillow as a baby bump and I carried a baby hanging out of my purse and a blond wig. loads of smeared make-up. hmmm can't remember what hubs wore...jeans and a cut off sleeve shirt for sure and a trucker hat. haha

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I freakin love Halloween! Love love love!

And I just saw that you are a psych nerd! I totally am, too! I am obsessed!

uhski said...

Our party is going to be Beetle Juice themed so I am going as Lydia Deets and my brother and his girlfriend are going to be Adam and Barbara BUT before that they were going to be Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife with the HUGE boobs. I thought it was a hilarious idea!!

amanda leeann said...

i love halloween cuz' it's mah birthday =]

i won't be dressing up, and i kind of lack ideas. clark kent and lois lane? barbie and ken? danny and sandy from grease? or rizzo and that other guy? jane and george jetson? jack and sally, since you love the movie?

p.s. i pretty much wasn't allowed to watch disney movies when i was little either..have never really celebrated halloween until recently outside of my birthday.

Alexandria said...

oooh I must say that I am liking the Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife idea. That could be hilar for sure! I also like Jane and George Jetson!