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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life Is Normal Today

So yesterday was just like any other day, reading blogs and all and then I came across Amanda's post and it changed my day.  She introduced me to the best. site. ever.  It made my day.  Here is just a sampling of what is to be found on the site, MyLifeIsAverage:

Today, in biology we were talking about chromosomes and genes. One girl asked my teacher, "What's that thing called where you look nothing like one of your parents?". My teacher replied, "An affair." LOVE. HER. MLIA

Today, I looked up at the digital clock and the time was the same as my birth date. I felt that the clock and I had a special connection. MLIA

Yesterday, I went to Six Flags and I noticed that you couldn't bring food in. I had a sandwich in my bag, so I decided to cover the tops of my bag up with pads and to my luck, I also got a male employee. He did not find my sandwich. MLIA

Today, I was talking with friends about how it was so silly as kids to believe in cooties. Then my friend said "Dude, they're still real. We just now call them STD's." I now look at my whole childhood differently. MLIA

Today, in biology while learning about osmosis, I learned from my teacher that if you put gummy bears in water, they get bigger. Guess who now has an army of mutant gummy bears? MLIA

Today, I was at my work (pharmacy), and a little kid came up to me with a box of tampons. I asked him if he knew what they were for. He replied with "Their for my little brother. The commercial said they would help you swim and ride a bike, and right now, he cant do either". Easily the highlite of my life. MLIA

Today, I was working as a lifeguard. At our pool, you have to be 15 to be in the hot tub. A kid was arguing and saying that he will be 15 in a month, so what's the big deal? I replied that I will be 17 in a week, but still can't legally use magic. He silently got out of the hot tub and back into the pool. MLIA



Alice said...

MLIA = My life is awesome? Just wonderin'...

These were funny...I need all the laughs I can get.

Alexandria said...

lol...okay seriously the tampon one made me almost choke on the water I was drinking!

amanda leeann said...

whoa! i got linked on someone else's blog!

day has been made =]

uhski said...

Yay!! I saw some people had facebook status updates that had MLIA and I didn't get it. Now I do. Hilarious!!! I love the last one especially cuz I love me some Harry Potter. =]