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Monday, October 5, 2009

"Welcome To This Place, I'll Show You Everything"

Title: Creed - "With Arms Wide Open"

Oh the weekend has come and gone again so fast. Mine consisted of:

Spending quality time with my DVR catching up on all my shows I missed this week.  You don't have a DVR!? Get one.  God made it himself, I'm convinced.
Getting mad at the CW.  They do NOT want me to watch the Vampire Diaries. Why you may ask? No idea.  Last week baseball was on instead and now this week my DVR recorded it, but it had no sound.  On top of it, it won't play online.  I've tried but nothing works. I need me some   shirtless Stefan in my life. Duh.
Cooking and baking. I made stromboli for family dinner and pumpkin roll for dessert.  Just like the awesome blogger I am, I have no pics to show the awesomeness.  Take it from me, they were both amazingly scrumptious.
Btw, my did not look this good, it is hard to roll that stupid cake! Ugh.
Going to the movies to see Whip It! Go see it now. LOVED this movie.  It is hilarious, seriously.  Vito didn't want to go but I forced him and he admitted he was wrong, he loved it too.  Ellen Page is one of my fav actresses. Love her.
Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks at OG (Olive Garden), which is my fav, and finishing the meal with splitting a piece of pumpkin cheesecake.  It was amazing.

Buying new perfume. Pink Sugar. LOVE it.

Can't wait for next weekend!



Tara said...

1. I love DVR. Best invention evah!
2. I also love OG breadsticks. I used to get an order of breadsticks and alfredo sauce and eat just that for lunch.
3. I'm glad you said that about Whip It. I want to see it!

Alexandria said...

The DVR is God's greatest creation...for real my friend! I am addicted to it...although it has me spending entirely too much time with my remote, but I love it so bad!

I am a sucky blogger when it comes to taking pictures too! I never think of it...I went away with some friends this weekend and took one picture...of a deer. That's it! (bet you are looking forward to that post right?)

I cannot wait to see Whip it! So excited...glad to know it was good!

uhski said...

WOW it freaks me out how alike we are! =] We are so cool. I also love The OG soup salad breadsticks and Whip It was the BEST wasn't it?! It's one of my favorite movies this year, hands down. I don't have DVR but I've given up on Vampire Diaries... don't really like it that much. Eh.

Glad you had a good/yummy weekend!!! =]