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Monday, October 19, 2009

"I Wish I Had A Reason, My Flaws Are Open Season"

Title: Stone Sour - "Bother"

This space right here is reserved for all the excuses I could drone over for why I've been MIA from writing posts. In short? I could pick between no inspiration, being in a crappy mood and nothing happy to write about, to being lazy, to being too busy, to being sick. All said things have kept me away from my blog. I'm a bad blogger. End of story.


I procrastinate, on everything and anything I possibly can.

I'm stubborn to the point of no return.

Self-esteem is something I lack on a daily basis.

I don't always think before I open my loud mouth.

I take things personally when they come from someone who matters, too personally.

I wish to fix everything, even when it is impossible and feel like a failure when I can't fix others or their problems.

I hate every form of cleaning.

I don't forgive easily, and when I do I struggle constantly to forget.

I'd rather stew over my anger and keep everything on the inside then talk about it.

I have irrational fears that keep me from doing things I wish I could.

I don't call people which results in talking to friends less then I want to.

I can be selfish.

These are some of my flaws.
Do I have plenty more?
I'm sure.
Am I proud of this list?
Not in the slightest.
But it is part of who I am.

I hate when people do not recognize that they have flaws. We are human, it is inevitable for us to have flaws. I did not create this list because I am proud, but to remind myself that I have plenty of things I need to work on.


Tara said...

Great post girl. And I hear ya completely. We are human- we cannot be perfect. Just because our flaws may be different that someone else's do not make them worse.

Meghan O said...

Very true, we all have flaws. I have some similar flaws that you have. And I like that, a list of things we can work on.

PS Owl City's album Ocean Eyes is all great but I especially like The Saltwater Room, If My Heart was a House, and Dental Care (this one is especially funny)

Alexandria said...

AMAZING post doll! We share a lot of the same flaws...but it makes us who we are...so that makes them sort of awesome!

There is NOTHING worse than someone who thinks they are perfect...c'mon fess up we all have issues! I choose to embrace mine!

uhski said...

"I have irrational fears that keep me from doing things I wish I could." Me friggin too. =]