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Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Oh Being Normal Is Vastly Overrated!"

Title: Quote from Halloweentown

So I've already shared my love and adoration for all things Halloween.  To keep up with the mood, I decided to share some of my favorite Halloween movies with you!

1.) The Nightmare Before Christmas

Incase you forgot from the last post, I love this movie.  I can watch it over and over again.  Not only is it a good Halloween movie, it works for Christmas too! Oh how I love Zero.

2.) Hocus Pocus

I've watched this movie so many times.  It use to creep me out, seriously. Scary witches on the attack? Totally caused some nightmares. But the cute boy in it made up for them!

3.) It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

No list is complete without Charlie Brown.  It's a classic, end of story.

4.) Halloweentown

I don't know about you, but the original was the best. I always wanted to go here and wished my grandmother was a witch. How cool right?

Yeah, they are basically all kids movies, but I still loved them!

What are your favorite Halloween movies to watch? Am I missing any good ones?


Brittany said...

I love love love Hocus Pocus at Halloween. I have it on my DVR and I've watched it twice. Haha!

Meghan O said...

You got all the classics! I really need to see The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, I know I've never seen it before, but I feel I need to.

Jenny said...

Hocus Pocus is the best!

Alexandria said...

I love The Nightmare Before Christmas...it is also my 4 year old nieces favorite! yep...she is odd!

We just watched Hocus Pocus the other night...I had such a crush on the cute boy when I was younger!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Brittany- DVR is a gift from God. I need to get it saved so I can watch it!

Meghan- You've never seen it!? That is almost a sin! You do need to see it and soon!

Jenny-Yes, it is the best!

Alexandria- I don't think my niece has even seen it, maybe that will be what we watch on Friday night! I had a crush too! Haha, I never went through that "boys had cooties" phase, obviously. haha.

Brittany said...

Haha. I know, right?! The worst feeling is stopping tv and the fast forwarding and catching up with 'live tv'. Dang it! LOL

Marci Darling said...

Phantom of the Megaplex on Disney Channel!!!!

and Edward Scissorhands counts, I think! At least, its on tv this week!

Hocus Pocus is in a league of its own!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

such good movies!
let's see...phantom of the megaplex (a really cheesy disney channel movie) is one of my favorites!

cute cute blog!

- lauren elizabeth

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

How could I forget Phantom of the Megaplex!!

Marci- I love Edward Scissorhands! That movie makes me want to cry though but I still love it and it sooo counts!

Lauren-Cheesy=great! 8)

uhski said...

WHAT NO BEETLEJUICE?!?! At least you have Nightmare Before Christmas, another Tim Burton fave! I love it! =]

Tameka said...

I love Hocus Pocus! One of my favorite movies as a kid! I need to see Nightmare Before Christmas, I've never seen it before but everyone tells me how good it is! Thanks for stopping by!