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Monday, October 19, 2009

"There Is No One Like You, In A World Of Black & White, You Are The Only One In Color"

Title: Trapt - "Only One In Color"

As you can tell from my earlier post, my mood isn't exactly happy. I feel like crap and I want to go to bed. End of story. Not really. So I sent my last post to Vito to read (big step right? Don't know what I'm talking about, please refer here). Then I sent him a text message.

*TMI APPROACHING, you've been warned*

I let him know about the email and also that my nip hurts and asked if that was normal. His response?

"I love you muy mucho I hope that helps and I'm sorry about your nip I'm guessing it probably happens.


I'm dying of laughter, it seriously made my day.
I love this man.

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uhski said...

Good thing you have someone like Vito to make you smile on crappy days. We all need someone like that.

Oh and Chicken Tortilla Soup my style is just dumping a bunch of cans of different beans, tomatoes, some grilled chicken, and a bunch of spices and stuff... it's super easy. There's a lot of recipes online and ours said to put it in a crock pot over raw chicken to cook it with all of the ingredients but that weirded us out so we just cooked the chicken and added it to the pot on the stove. Super easy and super yummy! =] Just add cheese and crumbled tortilla chips to it to give it some more texture and flavor.

Wow, that was long. SORRY! =]