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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 on Tuesdays

Through stalking searching blogs, I came across Roots & Rings. Her blog is super cute and on Tuesday, she always has random questions either written by herself or someone else. I think it is fun to do these questions, kind of like all those surveys that use to circulate on myspace. Yes I was guilty of filling those out when bored. 8)

Anywho, here is the 10 for today! You can go here and check her answers out too!

1. Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

Oh I'm always late. I try, I really do try to be on time but I'm always forgetting something. & if it isn't me, Vito is always waiting until the last minute to get ready. Oh well, it is always great to make a grand entrance right?

2. What is your middle name?


3. What are the last 4 digits of your cell phone number?


4. How big is your bed?

A queen. Thank God. Let me just tell you how sleeping in a twin bed with a 6'3 man who can't keep still for the life of him. That was bad, so bad I never slept. So last year Vito went out and bought a queen bed for us, bless his heart. I don't know how we ever survived in the twin now that we've seen the light.

5. What are you allergic to?

Absolutely nothing that I know of. Though the last 3 times I've eaten scallops, they have made me really really sick so maybe them? I don't know, I just avoid them and everything is peachy.

6. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Hit snooze and attempt to go back to sleep. I am not a morning person.

7. What was your favorite TV show growing up?

Oh goodness, there were so many! Full House, I Love Lucy, Home Improvement, Family Matters, Step by Step. What ever happened to all these great shows!? Seriously.

8. Will you, or did you, go to your 10 year high school reunion?

Well this year is going to be my 5 year reunion and I'm not going. We'll see if in another 5 years I care to go or not.

9. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Why yes, it does.

10. What, in your opinion, is the greatest invention? (You know, since sliced bread…)

The apple cutter. You know what I'm talking about, it takes the core out and leaves the apple is wonderful slices easy for dipping. This way you don't have to gnaw on the apple like an animal. I LOVE my apple cutter.

Heres to hoping Tuesday goes better than yesterday!

P.S. I finished redoing my blog, for now. Likey?


Janet in Toronto said...

Very cool four digits! But I'm a freak that way.

And I totally forgot about the apple cutter....makes the interwebz (my choice) look like small potatoes!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Haha why thanks, it makes my number a lot easier to remember which I like.

Yeah who needs the interweb when you have an apple cutter! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Great post! Just one more way to get to know you!! I am not allergic to anything either! What a blessing!!! Thanks for always reading my posts! Your LAYOUT looks great!!

Lildonbro said...

I am also always late and not a morning person. Even when I get up and get ready in plenty of time I get distracted and suddenly find I am more late then if I had known I was running late...make sense?

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Elizabeth- Why thanks dearest. It is a blessing not to be allergic to anything. Knock on wood! I love reading your posts! 8)

Lildonbro- It makes perfect sense. My attention span can be quite short and distractions pop up everywhere. Yay for non-morning people!

Ashley said...

I LOVE the apple cutter! Seriously I used to not eat apples as often because I didnt want to cut them, but now BAM it's done for me. It's amazing.

I too hate mornings. I'd rather wake up late, stay up late. I'm also always late. I'm just really not good at planning my mornings apparently.

Anonymous said...

You were in a TWIN??? That's awful! I don't sleep a wink if my husband and I have to share a full.

Why would anyone have a 5 year reunion?? That's WAY too soon!

talklesssaymore said...

2. Lorin is pretty.

7. They were taken over by Reality TV. Sitcom wise, I've really been enjoying Modern Family- check it out if you haven't already. Reminds me of old school sitcoms that were cute and actually made me laugh.

10. I just got an apple peeler/corer. I'm so excited to test it out.

P.S. The colors of the writing are really hard to read without highlighting them- but that may just be my browser.

Alexandria said...

Um I love this. I too think the apple cutter is the most GENIUS thing to ever exist. I use mine daily!

I lov ethis idea! I adore the new layout!

Britney Jean said...

oooh i love this question/answer thingy. so fun!

and i LOVE my apple cutter. it's the greatest thing in the world!

Elizabeth said...

I likey! It seems like everyone is sprucing up...I might just have to jump on the wagon :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Ashley- The apple cutter is the best. I can't ever get my mornings right. I'm just too sluggish and slow to get anything done so I'm always late. I really do hate mornings.

Rootsandrings- It was miserable and I try not to think of those horrible days, they are long gone. Haha. 5 years is stupid, that is why I refuse to go I mean what would we talk about, graduating college? That is about it. Love the questions, I think I will be participating more in the future!!

Talklesssaymore- Thanks. I use to hate my middle name but it is growing on me. I've heard good things about Modern Family but haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet but I definitely will! I will have to check into the color font. Most of my font is in black, and the links are in shades of gray so I'm not sure what is going on. Thanks for letting me know!

Alex- I use mine all the time! I'm glad you love the new layout, as do i! Yay!

Britney-Very fun! I'm so glad everyone shares in my love for the apple cutter! 8)

Elizabeth- Your blog is already adorable! Mine needed some work. Glad you likey!

Anna said...

apple cutters are amazing indeed. Have you ever seen a mango cutter? i don't own one...yet. but even more amazing. I like the b/w look, sophisticated!

Katie said...

I love Applecutters. Awesome invention.

Lauren said...

I love my apple cutter! It makes applying nutella a breeze!

bananas. said...

TGIF baby!!! i watched all those same shows too! seemed like everyone was at the time.

you know what i miss most about those shows...the theme songs. weren't they the best!

uhski said...

Props for sleeping in a twin with someone else... I had trouble when I was little and by myself but thats because I like to reenact tv fight sequences in my sleep...like a ninja.

=] Lovvvveee you!