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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"She Can Feel The Weight Of The Past It Drags Her Down But She's Fighting Back"

Title: Tait - "Fallen"

Sometimes I cry.

Sometimes it is because I'm sad and other times they are trader tears from when I'm angry.

Sometimes it hurts my heart when I can't fix someone's pain.

Sometimes I wish mean things on people, even though I know I shouldn't.

Sometimes I let my past effect my present life.

Sometimes I forget that everyone is human, everyone is a sinner, everyone has flaws.

Sometimes I think I can take on the world single-handedly.

Sometimes I fail.

Sometimes the words in my head do not translate well to the words that flow from my mouth.

Sometimes I scream and yell and it makes me feel better, other times worse.

Sometimes I have bad days and want nothing more then to be left alone.

Sometimes I blame myself for things that were out of my control.

Sometimes I forget that my feelings do not always match what other people feel.

Sometimes I struggle with forgiving and forgetting.

& Sometimes I forget that even with all these problems, I can turn to God and He will silence my fears.


amanda leeann said...

that was very eloquent, and true for me as well.

-hugs- i hope today isn't too horrible!

Mar said...

Sweetie, if it's just sometimes you feel or are or do like this, then it's ok. It's all part of being a human (and part of being a woman, at that). We all do these things sometimes.

But if sometimes turns into most of the time, that's when you need to start worrying. However, I am absolutely sure that this will never happen. If it does, then we'll be there for you and help you get back on track. It won't happen, because you're a great person and you are stronger than that! Trust me on this :)

But really, don't worry about this. It's completely normal, k?

Giving you a great big {{{HUG}}}

Tara said...

True post, and I think something most of us feel at times. I constantly have to remind myself that God will take care of me, that He won't give me more than I can handle, that He will protect me.

Elizabeth said...

Loved reading this post!! I think that is this so important to rememeber, "Sometimes I forget that everyone is human, everyone is a sinner, everyone has flaws.". Hope you have a wonderful wednesday!

Alexandria said...

I love this. I love the truth it speaks. I also am in love with the term 'trader tears'!

I hope your day goes well! Here is a big ol' internet hug!

Elizabeth said...

Go over to my blog...I have a little something waiting for you! :-)

Kellie said...

Girl.. you are beautiful. The last line summed up absolutely everything you said.

I'm with you and pretty much all of this, too.

Elizabeth said...

So true for everyone. So beautiful.

Annie Cristina said...

Great post!

Thanks for your kind words re: my grandma's passing.

bananas. said...

beautifully said.

sometimes we all do that :)

colleenroselle said...

wow this is my favorite favorite post in the world of blogging.