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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Favorite Posts Saturday

I decided to try a new feature on my blog. Please feel free to give me feedback in the comments if you like this idea? Suggestions? Ditch it and find something new? I won't get offended so please speak the truth!

I'm going to pick my seven favorite posts of the week and post them here. I chose 7 because 7 days in a week, clever right? I want y'all to share in the goodness that I love so love them with me. Please feel free to let me know what your favorite post(s) were for this week so I can check them out too! Here goes nothing!

Jenn posted about one of my favorite organizations!

Alex far outdid herself with an amazing hottness monster list full of bad boys! Stay tuned, this is only part one. Be prepared to swoon.

Amanda wrote a post about herself, but I feel I may have written it because it speak volumes to me. Her honesty is beautiful.

Marci remembers a very talented actor and beautiful man who left the world too soon.

Elizabeth wrote about a very classy lady. The pics speak for themselves.

Ashton reviewed a book I now really want to go pick up and read!

Allison did one of my favorite posts I have ever read. I'm hoping she does it more often because it is breath-taking!


Christina said...

I actually really like this idea. Keep it up in my opinion.

amanda leeann said...

love it!

& i promise i love it for other reasons than the fact that i was name dropped ;)

Meghan O said...

aw this is a good idea! i love it!

Ashton Dene' said...

I love this idea! And not just because you mentioned one of my posts either! I miss all sorts of good stuff through the week, so this is awesome!

Anna said...

i love this idea!

uhski said...

i like this! keep doing it k?

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA!! You are so cute!!!!! Keep it going.. i concur with the others!

Alexandria said...

I love this!

And I am NOT just saying it because you linked to me!

Great feature m'dear!

Jayde said...

This is such a cute blog!
Love it :)
Defs on the follow list ;)


~Ivy~ said...

this is a great idea! My dashboard gets washed so quickly that I miss out on things I really want to read but since I'm not on here as often I have discovered I am missing some good stuff.
Thanks--off to go check these out.

Mar said...

Awesome feature idea, my dear! Please continue with it :)

Love you big

M said...

Love this!

Elizabeth said...

Hey thanks for the shout out...and this is a great idea! Keep doing it :)