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Friday, January 8, 2010

"Oh, Not Your Everyday Circumstance"

Title: A Fine Frenzy - "The Minnow & the Trout"

It has been awhile since I wrote non-sense notes to people/things who will never read them so let the useless notes commence.

Dear Dunkaccino,
After our very first introduction, thanks to the 99 cent coupon, I believe I have found true love within your creamyness. You fooled me by your name, but your half hot chocolate/half coffee slays my soul. I'm glad we have met. You give me a sugar rush to make it through my work morning and I adore you for it. We will meet again.

Your new biggest fan

Dear Theatre,

It has been almost a year since our last meet, but that will change tonight. Let me personally thank you for having student rush tickets which are more than 75% off the normal price. I can now afford tickets and I am so excited.
Thanks a million,
Poor college student

Dear Rachel & Mercedes from Glee,

I wanted you to know that you should be worried. I have been practicing the music every day. Even at work, when no one is watching I lipsync and practice my theatrics so my moves are as good as my singing. Your job is in danger because I'm confident in a diva-off, I could out shine you both. Defying Gravity? Check. Alone? Most definitely. Bust Your Windows? You you wouldn't believe. I expect a casting call any day now, don't say I didn't warn the both of you.

Love always with no hard feelings,

Fin's next duet partner

Dear Vanilla Midgees,

I am sad to have finished the bag I bought back in November yesterday. I ate the last one of you with great sadness in my heart. I do not understand why you are only available at Christmas time. Please fight for equal rights so you are available all year round like regular tootsie roll midgee.

Until next Christmas,
Vanilla Midgee lover

Dear Vito Michael,

Thank you for getting up on your day off before me to get dressed and go clean the snow off my car and warm it up for me so I could sleep longer and not get into a cold car. You are a winner, but don't let that go to your head.

I love you always,

Dear Bloggin' Friends,

Happy Friday!!!



Lauren said...

I am intrigued by this dunkaccino, I must go try it asap!

I have also been practicing my Glee skills, I'm pretty much a superstar you know? I am positive you would rule any diva-off that you participated in, just saying.

Vito sounds amazing!

Alyssa said...

Dude, the dunkaccino sounds amazeballs. Too bad I don't have a Dunkin Donuts very close by :-\
Are you seeing SA in Hershey? You'll have to let me know what you think of it!
Happy Friday to you too!

amanda leeann said...


i could so take on rachel and mercedes and come out on top [twss].

they best fear us.

uhski said...

haha midgees. funny word. i like that you call them that and now i must do the same.

I also like that you write letters to inanimate objects and tv characters because I've been doing the same thing since I was little! I have a whole notebook of letters to the Pope, Tupac, Edward Scissorhands, etc.

I love that we're creepily alike. =]

P.S. I too am expecting a casting call from Glee because of my superb singing abilities and above average acting. Diva-off!!!

Meghan O said...

Dunkaccino's are bomb. they are the greatest invention in the coffee/hot chocolate world. i don't like coffee, except a french vanilla ice coffee extra extra in the summer, so this is the perfect in between when i don't want to freeze in the winter from ice coffee.
have fun at the theatre tonight!
the glee cast better watch out...
mm vanilla tootsie rolls...
you have yourself a catch with that vito!
happy firday =)

Elizabeth said...

You are too cute! I love how you sent this post up!!! I love it!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lildonbro said...

Ha - I loved all the notes, but I think the one to the girls from glee was very funny...but I've never seen the show *cowers in fear* please don't hurt me, I'll get right on that!

Tara said...

Love the note to Vito. How sweet that he did that for you!

What are you going to see tonight?

Britney Jean said...

i love love the show Glee! for real!! and that was so sweet for him to warm up your car for you! keep him around! :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Lauren- Try it! It is creamy and yummy! Love it. I totally believe you are a superstar. It is obvious. & Thank you, I am quite the diva. ;)

Alyssa- No DD? How sad. 8( Haha I am! Recognize the theatre or just heard it was there? I will def let you know!

Amanda-Oh she totally said that, I heard it. She should fear us. We are going to put them out of a job and I am going to rain on Rachel's parade. Oops?

Sarah- I can't believe you haven't heard them called that before. It is the legit name for the mini ones. I'll show you a pic on twitter. We are creepily alike. You are my sister from another mister. You, Amanda, & me will rule Glee. It is bound to happen.

Meghan- I never heard of them! I got a coupon, thought it was just a cappuccino, and was super happy with it. Mmm. I love coffee. It rules my life.

Elizabeth- Why thank you! Glad you like it! Hope your weekend is fabulous, like you!

Lildonbro- You've never seen it? Fear not. I had only caught 2 eps when it aired and caught up on the rest last weekend when I was sick. Just drop everything else in your life and watch it asap. It is a must, and you will not regret it. You'll love it and want to be casted too. 8)

Tara-He's quite wonderful sometimes. Haha. We are going to see Spring Awakening. I've heard such amazing things so I am excited!!

Jenny said...

Vanilla Tootsie Rolls are the freaking best! I probably have not had one in like 3 years.... Tear...

Happy weekend!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Britney Jean- YAY for Glee lovers! That show is amazing! & yes I think I'll hold onto him. 8)

Jenny- I know right! But they only sell the bags at Christmas. I tried to go out a week or 2 before Christmas and they were sold out already. Boo. 8( Happy Weekend to you!!

Ivy said...

I haven't tried a Dunkaccino... I don't think we have a Dunken Donuts... I will go look now.

bananas. said...

i hear dunkin donuts coffee is the best. never heard of the dunkancinni or whatever it's called. looks delish!

as for glee, OBSESSED! i'm actually watching it now...have both CDs playing in my car. i wish i could sing like rachel berry.

Mar said...

Dunkin' Donuts has yet to show it's cute pink&orange face in Europe (I think), but when it does, well, I'm still not getting a Dunkaccino (cause I think coffee is nasty, haha), but I will take my coffee-lovin' friend there so she can tell me if it's good or not. When it is (and it tastes more like chocolate than coffee) I might try one. Might.

Dude, I love the theater and don't go nearly enough! Last thing I saw must have been Fame and I miss going to the theater on a random Tuesday night. So you should go for me and share your experiences and I will live vicariously through you, k? K.

Ok, so don't hate on me here, but Rachel is kinda, really annoying me. Like Puck said 'That Rachel chick makes me want to light myself on fire, but she can sing'. And Mercedes... well, girlfriend can sing, but she needs to leave the 'oh hell to the no' alone from now on. Cause that is just too stereotypical. But anyway, enough with the rant.

Ah yes, Vanilla Midgees. They came into my life on a random Thursday night (like the theater..) and now to read that they only are available around Christmas... It makes me sad for you. And for me, because now I will never get to taste the greatness that is Vanilla Midgees (well, not until next Christmas anyway). *insert sad face*

Aaah Vito is too cute! Hold on to your man, girlie, he is gold!

Happy Saturday to you, hon!

Love ya!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sweet of Vito to get up early and warm your car up for you. What a keeper! :)